Most likely you've seen some of my future tech echoed in "Aliens 4" invented in 1994 for the Future.Novel: "Lev.UP". Now, you can see the new movie with Tom Cruise by Steven Spielberg featuring a watered-down version of found in "Lev.UP". A 22 page sample of "Lev.UP" filled with references and hyperlinks to more future than you'll see or read about anywhere else has been available online at the SciFiArchive since 1996 simply by clicking on "Lev.UP". Then, you can finish "Lev.UP", and find out how storm-boarding Eller, old-flame Phara the Biz.Fem extrodinaire, and current-cutie Florie, Angel of the make out in our filled by purchasing the's limited edition, signed and numbered, Compact.Disc. This great CD includes the entire future.novel: "Lev.UP", along with a novelette, several original short stories, as well as the entire for reference, valuable SciFi and Fantasy hyperlinks, plus even more entertainment with the AirLok19 adventure and original artworks. Watch your volume level as page one of "Lev.UP" also features original theme
(browser-friendly(tiny, less than 7kay byte file size.).).