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Join us on Instar Station's AirLok19 Adventure. Explore InStar Station as it orbits the InStar-ExStar system created by James Harding. Be careful, you only have on a touristLev spaceSuit.

Button, clikOn type, 1 of 5. To operate airlok door these 5 red buttons must be depressed or clicked on with suitMouse in proper sequence to unlock airLok19. If no suitMouse, then yourMouse will work.

Door is opened by clicOn green door button. Buttons change from red to green when proper secret sequence is used.
No time limit for you aniOrgs with the massively parallel processing, terabyte-synapsed brains. So, try it out, it only takes 4 wrong clicks for the worst case senario to get the 1st button figured out.
What strange things are on the other side of airLok19's inner door? You only have to press a button once, but each button is used once. If you guess wrong they all turn red again.
you have to start over, so try and remember the sequence you discover so you don't have to figure it out all over again. Subscribe to the InStar AirLok19 Adventure and join the hunt for books, magazines, DVD's and other Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff that will be yours if you can find them.

DoorButton: you must clikOn doorButton to open airLok door, must be green to open door: see Button1 in column of 5 at right side of door for directions to open airLok19.

plastPanel 1, with namePlate. Explosive delivered airBag behind plastPanel. In the event of airLok malfunction or hull breach: stand well back from plastPanel, upShip from sourceVacuum.