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Roger MacBride Allen

(1957- )

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Rogue Powers

1986 first edition paperback, good condition, sequel to The Torch of Honor.


The War Machine, Crisis of Empire III

with David Drake

November 1989 1st paperback, very good


another copy: paperback, good condition


Issac Asimov's Caliban

SF Book Club Hardcover, very good condition


Issac Asimov's Inferno

SF Book Club Hardcover, very good-


The Torch Of Honor

February 1985 1st Printing, paperback, very good-


Other Books:

The Torch of Honor-1985

Rogue Powers-1986

Orphan of Creation-1988

Farside Cannon-1988

The War Machine, with David Drake-1989

Supernova, with Eric Kotani-1991

The Modular Man-1992

The Ring of Charon-1991

The Shattered Sphere-1994

Isaac Asimov's Caliban-1993

Isaac Asimov's Inferno-1994

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