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The Hugo Winners, volume 1

Ed. Isaac Asimov

1973 DAW Paperback, good-

Stories: "The Darfseller" in Astounding 1955 by Walter M. Miller, "Allamagoosa" in Astounding 1955 by Eric Frank Russell, "Exploration Team" in Astounding 1956 by Murray Leinster, "The Star" 1966 in Infinity Science Fiction by Arthur C. Clarke, "Or all The Seas With Oysters in Galaxy 1958 by Avram Davidson, "The Big Front Yard" in Astounding 1958 by Clifford D. Simak, "The Hell-Bound Train" in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1958 by Robert Bloch, "Flowers for Algernon" in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1959 by Daniel Keyes, "The Longest Voyage" in Analog 1960 by Poul Anderson.


5 Tales from Tomorrow, selected from the book: The Best Science-Fiction Stories and Novels 1955

Edited by T.E. Dikty

1957 1st Printing paperback as collection, good

Stories: "Push-Button Passion"(originally: "Careless Love") 1954 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction by Albert Compton Friborg, "The Cold Equatons" 1954 in Astounding Science Fiction by Tom Godwin, "How-2" 1954 in Galaxy by Clifford D. Simak, "Deep Space" (originally "Axolotl") 1953 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction by Robert Abernathy, "Exile" 1953 in Astounding Science Fiction by Everett B. Cole.


The Ninth Galaxy Reader

Ed. Frederick Pohl

April 1967 paperback 1st as collection, good

Damon Knight-An Ancient Madness, Phillip Jose Farmer-The King of the Beasts, Wilson-The Watcher in the Glade, Brian W. Aldiss-Jungle Substitute, Harry Harrison-How the Old World Died, Freserick Pohl-The Children of the Night, Lester Del Ray-To Avenge Man, Roger Zelazny-The Monster and the Maiden, MacApp-A Flask of Fine Arcturan, Larry Niven-Wrong-Way Street, John Brunner-Wasted on the Young, L. A. Lafferty-Slow Tuesday Night


11 Great Horror Stories

paperback, good,

Stories: The Dunwich Horror, The Love Letter, W.S., The Oblong Box, The Ape and the Mystery, The Judge's House, Thus I refute Beezly, Return of the Griffins, Flies, The Shed, The Mistake.


13 French Science-Fiction Stories

Ed. Damon Knight

August 1965 1st Printing paperback, good-, Stories: "Juliette by Claude F. Cheinisse, "The Blind Pilot" by Charles Henneberg, "Olivia" by Henri Damonti, "The Notary and the Conspiracy" by Henri Damonti, "The Vana" by Alain Doremieux, "The Devil's Granddaughter" by Suzanne Malaval, "Moon-Fishers" by Charles Henneberg, "The Non-Humans" by Charles Henneberg, "After Three Hundred Years" by Pierre Mille, "The Monster" by Gerald Klein, "A Little More Cavier?" by Claude Cliff, "The Dead Fish" by Boris Vian.


another copy: August 1972 2nd Printing Paperback, cover marked


13 Great Stories of Science Fiction

September 1962 2nd printing paperback, very good condition

Stories: "Silence Please" by Arthur C. Clarke, "The War is Over" by Algis Budreys, "The Light" by Poul Anderson, "Compassion Circuit" by John Wyndham, "Volpa" by Wyman Guin, Allegory" by William T. Powers, "Soap Opera" by Alan Nelson, "Shipping Clerk" by William Morrision, "Technologicial Retreat" by G. C. Edmondson, "The Analogues" by Damon Knight, "The Available Data on the Worp Reaction" by Lion Miller, "The Skills of Xanadu", by Theodore Sturgeon, "The Machine", by Richard Gehman.

$5.00-no longer available, listed for story reference only, 10-30-03

13 Short Science Fiction Novels

edited by Isaac Asimov

Large Hardcover, good to very good, with dust jacket, 574 pages
Stories are:
"Profession" by Asimov,
"Who Goes There?" by J. W. Campbell, "For I Am A Jealous People!" by Lester del Ray,
"The Mortal and the Monster" by Gordon R. Dickson, "Time Safari" by David Drake,
"In the Western Tradition" by Phyllis Eisenstien, "The Alley Man" by Phillip
Jose Farmer, "The Sellers of the Dream" by John Jakes, "The Moon Goddess
and the Son" by Donald Kingsbury, "Enemy Mine" by Barry Longyear, "Flash Crowd" by Larry Niven, "In the Problem Pit" by Frederick Pohl, "The Desert of Stolen Dreams" by Robert Silverberg

$10.00-no longer available, listed for story reference only, 10-30-03

The 1974 Annual Worlds Best SF

DAW #101, paperback, good+

Stories: Sheckley-A Suppliant in Space, Lafferty-Parthen, Pohl & Williamson-Doomship, Spinrad-Weed of Time, Shefner-A Modest Genius, Ellison-The Deathbird, Tubb-Evane, Eklund-Moby Too, Bishop-Death and Designation Among the Asadi, Simak-Construction Shack


The 1977 Annual Worlds Best SF

DAW #240, paperback, good

Stories: Aldiss-Appearance of Life, Varley-Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, Coney-Those Good Old Days of Liquid Fuel, Cowper-The Hertford Manuscript, del Ray-Natural Advantage, Asimov-The Bicentennial Man, Bayley-The Cabinet of Oliver Naylor, Russ-My Boat, Tiptree, Jr.-Houston Houston Do you Read?,Knight-I See You


The 1987 Annual Worlds Best SF

June 1987 1st printing as collection, DAW #711, paperback, good+

Stories: Zelazny-Permafrost, Egan-Timerider, Cadigan-Pretty Boy Crossover, Shepard-R & R, Elgin-Lo-How an Oak E'er Blooming, Meredith & Smirl-Dream in a Bottle, Lee-Into Gold, Waldrop-The Lions are Asleep Tonight, Silverberg-Against Babylon, Knight-Strangers on a Paradise


The Abominable Earthman

1963 1st Printing paperback as collection, fair

Stories: The Abominable Earthman(Galaxy 1961), We Never Mention Aunt Nora(Galaxy July 1958), A Life and a Half(If July 1959), Punch:(Playboy 1961), The Martian Star-Gazers(Galaxy 1961), Whatever Counts(Galaxy 1959), Three Portraits and a Prayer(Galaxy 1962)


Alien Sex

Edited by Ellen Datlow

1990 1st Printing as collection, oversized paperback, very good

Stories: "The Jamesburg Incubus" by Scott Baker 1990, "Dancing Chickens" by Edward Bryant 1984(Originally in Light Years and the Dark edited by Michael Bishop), "Roadside Rescue" by Pat Cardigan 1985, "How's the Night Life on Cissalda" by Harlan Ellision 1977, "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod" by Phillip Jose Farmer 1968, "The First Time" by K.W. Jeter 1990, "Her Furry Face" by Leigh Kennedy 1983(Issac Asimov's Science Fiction Mid-Dec.), "Saving the World at the New Moon Cafe" by Roberta Lannes 1990, "Arousal" by Richard Christian Matheson 1990, "When the Fathers Go" by Bruce McAlaster 1982(Originally in Universe 12 edited by Terry Carr), "Love and Sex Among Invertebrates" by Pat Murphy 1990, "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex by Larry Niven 1971(Originally in All The Myriad Ways), "Picture Planes" by Michaela Roessner 1990, "Omnisexual" by Geoff Ryman 1990, "Scales" by Lewis Shiner 1990, "And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side" by James Tiptree, Jr. 1971, "Hubands" by Lisa Tuttle 1990, "War Bride" by Rick Wilbar 1990, "All My Darling Daughters" by Connie Willis 1985, with foreword by William Gibson.


The Anything Box

Stories all by Zenna Henderson. First published paperback as collection Feb. 1969, hardcover 1965

3rd Printing paperback as collection, very good+, Stories: published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: "The Anything Box" 1956, "Subcommitte" 1962, "Food to All Flesh" 1954, "Come On, Wagon!" 1951, "Walking Aunt Daid" 1955, "Things" 1960, "Turn the Page" 1957, "And a Little Child" 1959, "The Last Step" 1957, published in Galaxy Magazine: "Something Bright" 1959, published in Beyond Science Fiction: "Hush!" 1953, published in Imagination: "The Substitute" 1953, "Stevie and the Dark" 1952, "The Grunder" 1953

$5.00-sold, and very hard to find, I suggest we all leave mail at the asking for republication.

A Step Farther Out

By Jerry Pournelle

August 1980 First Mass Market Printing as collection of science articles and essays many of which 1st appeared in Galaxy magazine.


Agent of the Terran Empire

Part of Poul Anderson's Dominic Flandry Series"

1985 5th printing paperback, good

"Tiger by the Tail"-January 1951 in Planet Stories magazine, "Warriors From Nowhere in Planet Stories titled "The Ambassadors of Flesh"-summer 1954, "Honorable Enemies"-May 1951 in Future/Science Fiction combination issue, "Hunters of the Sky Cave"-June 1959 in Amazing Stories as a shorter version called "A Handfull of Stars"-reprinted 1959 by ACE titled "We Claim These Stars", also contains the afterword "Lurex and Gold":


Alien Minds

All by Keith Laumer(except "Test to Destruction" by Harlan Ellison)

1st Printing paperback as collection, good+

The Propitiation of Brullamagoo-1991, Reverse English-1991, A Trip to the City(Amazing as "It Could be Anything" 1963), The Exterminator(Galaxy as "A Bad Day for Vermin 1964), Dinochrome(The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Nov. 1960), Hybrid(The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Nov. 1961), Greylorn(Amazing April 1957), Time Thieves(Worlds of Tommorrow June 1963 as "The Star-Sent Knaves), Doorstep(Galaxy Feb. 1961), Test to Destruction(by Harlan Ellison in Dangerous Visions 1967)


Alien Worlds

Ed. Roger Elwood-1968 2nd, paperback

Stories by: Russell, Dick, Scheckley, Anderson, Bloch, Brunner, Hamilton, Campbell, Wyndham, Simak, good++



Dec. 1979 paperback 1st as collection, DAW #364, good


The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology

Ed. John W. Campbell

1967 3rd printing, paperback, good+

Asimov-Nightfall, Leinster-First Contact, Vogt-Vault of the Beast, Pierce-Invariant, Neville-Cold War, del Ray-Over the Top


The Best from Amazing Stories

Ed. by Ted White

1973 paperback, good

Stories: Gold-No Charge for Alterations, Vance-The Augmented Agent, Zelazny-The Misfit, Le Guin-The Dowry of the Angyar, Laumer-Placement Test, Anderson-The Horn of Time the Hunter(Homo Aquaticus), White and Bradley-Phoenix, Schmitz-Rogue PSI


The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction, 13th Series

Ed. Avram Davidson

1964, paperback, good

P.M. Hubbard, Don White, Ballard, Vance, Harrison, K. Anderson, McKenna, Goulart, Marti-Ibanez, Bester, Davidson, Nelson, Henderson.


The Best Of Raymond Z. Gallun

August 1978 1st as paperback, very good-

Stories: Old Faithful(Dec. 1934 Astounding Stories), Derelict(Oct. 1935 Astounding), Davey Jones Ambassador(Dec. 1935 Astounding), Godson of Almarin(Oct. 1936 Astounding), A Menance in Miniature(Oct. 1937 Astounding), Seeds of the Dusk(June 1938 Astounding), Hotel Cosmos(July 1938 Astounding), Magician of Dream Valley(Oct. 1938 Astounding), The Shadow of the Veil(Feb. 1939 Astounding), The Lotus-Engine(March 1940 Super Science Stories), Prodigal's Aura(April 1951 Astounding), The Restless Tide(Nov. 1951 Marvel Science Fiction), Return of a Legend(March 1952 Planet Stories)


The Best of Henry Kuttner

Stories: "Mimsy Were The Borogoves" 1955 Astounding, "Two-Handed Engine" 1955 The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Proud Robot" 1943 Astounding, "The Misguided Halo" 1939 Unknown, "The Voice of the Lobster" 1950 Thrilling Wonder Stories, "Exit the Professor" 1947 Thrilling Wonder Stories, "The Twonky" 1942 Astounding, "A Gnome There Was" 1941 Unknown, "The Big Night" 1947 Thrilling Wonder Stories, "Nothing But Gingerbread Left" 1943 Astounding, "The Iron Standard" 1943 Astounding, "Cold War" 1949 Thrilling Wonder, "Or Else" 1953 Amazing, "Endowment Policy" 1943 Astounding, "Housing Problem" 1944 Charm, "What You Need" 1945 Astounding, "Absalom" 1946 Startling Stories

SF Book Club hardcover good with good dust jacket


another copy: SF Book Club hardcover, very good with very good dust jacket

another copy: fair+, paperback


The Best of Fritz Lieber

paperback, good-(covers creased)

Stories: Gonna Roll Them Bones, Sanity, Wanted-An Enemy, The Man Who Never Grew Young, The Ship Sails at Midnight, The Enchanted Forest, Coming Attraction, Poor Superman, A Pail of Air, The Foxholes of Mars, The Big Holiday, The Night He Cried, The Big Trek, Space-Time For Springers, Try and Change the Past, A Deskful of Girls, Rump-Titty-Titty-Tum-Tah-Tee, Little Old Miss MacBeth, Mariana, The Man Who Made Friends With Electricty, The Good Old Days, America the Beautiful


The Best of Keith Laumer

2nd printing paperback, good-

Stories: The Planet Wreakers(Worlds of Tommorrow 1967), The Body Builders(Galaxy 1966), Cocoon(Fantastic 1962), The Lawgiver(The Year 2000 1970), THunderhead(Galaxy 1967), Hybrid(The Magazine of Fantsy and Science Fiction 1961), THe Devil You Don't(Alchemy and Acadmeme 1970), Doorstep(Galaxy 1961), A Relic of War(Analog 1969)


The Best of C.L. Moore

1975? Book Club Hardcover, good+

Stories: Shambleau(Wierd Tales-Nov. 1933), Black Thirst(Wierd Tales-April 1934), The Bright Illusion(Astounding Stories Oct. 1934), Black God's Kiss(Wierd Tales-Oct. 1934), Tryst in Time(Astounding Stories-Dec. 1936), Greater Than Gods(Astounding Stories-July 1939), Fruit of Knowledge(Unknown-Oct. 1940), No Woman Born(Astounding Science Fiction-Dec. 1944), Daemon(Famous Fantastic Mysteries-Oct. 1946), Vintage Season(Astounding Science Fiction-Sept. 1946)


The Best from the Rest of the World

Ed. Donald A. Wollheim

December 1977 paperback, DAW #268, good-

Stories: Party Line-Gerald Klein(France), Pairpuppets-Manuel Van Loggem(Holland), The Scythe-Sandro Sandrelli(Italy), A Whiter Shade of Pale-Jon Bing(Norway), Paradise 3000-Herbert W. Franke(Germany), My Eyes, They Burn!-Eddy C. Bertin(Belgium), A Problem in Bionics-Pierre Barbet(France), The King and the Dollmaker-Wolfgang Jeschke(Germany), Codemus-Tor Age Bringsvaerd(Norway), Rainy Day Revolution No. 39-Luigi Cozzi(Italy), Nobody Here But Us Shadows-Sam J. Lundwall(Sweden), Round and Round and Round Again-Domingo Santos(Spain), Planet for Sale-Niels E. Nielsen(Denmark), Ysolde-Nathalie Charles Henneberg(France)


The Best Science Fiction of the Year #5

Edited by "Terry Carr

July 1976 1st Edition as collection, paperback, very good -

Stories: "Down to a Sunless Sea" by Cordwainer Smith in Oct. 1975 Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Retrograde Summer" by John Varley in Feb. 1975 Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Hero as Werwolf" by Gene Wolf 1975 in The New Improved Sun, "The Silent Eyes of Time" by Algis Budrys Nov. 1975 in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Croatoan" by Harlan Ellison May 1975 in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Doing Lennon" by Gregory Benford April 1975 in Analog, "The New Atlantis" by Ursula K. Le Guin 1975 in The New Atlantis and Other Novellas of Science Fiction, "Clay Suburb" by Robert F. Young Nov. 1975 in Amazing Science Fiction, "The Storms of Windhaven" by Lisa Tuttle and George R.R. Martin May 1975 in Analog, "Child of All Ages" by P.J. Plauger March 1975 in Analog, "In the Bowl" by John Varley Dec. 1975 in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Sail the Tide of Mourning" by Richard A. Lupoff 1975 in New Dimensions 5


The Best Stories From New Worlds

Ed. Michael Moorcock

1968 paperback, good

Stories by: Aldiss, Zelzany, Ballard, Brunner, Masson, Jones, Disch.


The Best of Jack Vance

May 1967 1st printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: Sail 25, Ullward's Retreat, The Last Castle, Abercrombie Station, The Moon Moth, Rumfuddle,


The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum

April 1974 1st Printing as collection, paperback, good

Stories: A Martian Odyssey(Wonder Stories-July 1934), Valley of Dreams(Wonder Stories-Nov. 1934), The Adaptive Ultimate(Astounding Stories-Nov. 1935), Parasite Planet(Astounding Stories-Feb. 1935), Pygmalian's Spectacles(Wonder Stories-June 1935), Shifting Seas(Amazing Stories-April 1937), The Worlds of If(Wonder Stories-August 1935), The Mad Moon(Astounding Stories-Dec. 1935), Redemption Cairn(Astounding Stories-March 1936), The Ideal(Wonder Stories-Sept. 1935), The Lotus Eaters(Astounding Stories-April 1935), Proteus Island(Astounding Stories-August 1936)

$4.00-sold, please send want list

Beyond the Beyond

August 1969 first printing as collection, paperback, very good condition

Stories are "Memory" (originally titled "A World Called Maanerek") July 1957 in Galaxy, "Brake" August 1957 in Astounding Science Fiction, "Day of the Burning" (originally titled "Supernova") January 1967 in Analog, "The Sensitive Man" November to January 1954 in Fantastic Universe Science Fiction, "The Moonrakers" January 1966, in IF Worlds of Science Fiction, "Starfog" August 1967 in Analog


The Big Show

Oct. 1972 1st Printing as collection, paperback, very good-

Stories:In the Queue(by Damon Knight in Orbit 7, 1970 ), Relic of War(by Keith Laumer in Analog 1969), The Big Show(by Keith Laumer in Galaxy 1968), Message to an Alien(by Keith Laumer in Analog 1970), The Plague(by Keith Laumer in Analog 1970), Test to Destruction(by Harlan Ellison in Dangerous Visions 1967)



All by Frederick Pohl

March 1982 1st Printing paperback as collection, good

2 novels: The Age of the Pussyfoot and Drunkard's Walk, good,



All by Keith Laumer

July 1977 1st paperback as collection, good

Stories: The Night of the Trolls(Galaxy 1963), Courier(originally "The Frozen Planet" 1961), The Last Command(1966), A Relic of War(1969), Combat Unit(1960)


another copy: 3rd printing, good-


Bolos, Book 1: Honor of the Regiment

Created by Keith Laumer

Sept. 1993 1st Printing paperback, very good-

Stories: "Lost Legion" by S.M. Sterling, "Camelot" by S.N. Lewitt, "The Legacy of Leondas" by J. Andrew Keith, "Ploughshare" by Todd Johnson, "Ghosts" by Mike Resnik and Barry N. Maltzberg, "The Ghost of Resartus" by Christopher Stasheff, "Operation Desert Fox" by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon, "As Our Strength Lessens" by David Drake.


The Book of Brain Aldiss

1972 first printing as collection, paperback, DAW #29, very good

Stories: "Cosmic Inferno" in Galaxy, The Underpriviledged" in New Worlds, "Cardiac Arrest" in Fantastic, "In the Arena" in IF, "All the World's Tears", "Amen and Out" in New Worlds, "The Soft Predicament" in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "As for Our Fatal Continuity" in New Worlds Quarterly, "Send Her Victorious" in Amazing.


another copy: paperback, good+


The Book of Frank Herbert

Stories: "Seed Stock", "The Nothing", "Rat Race", "Gambling Device", "Looking for Something", "The Gone Dogs", "Passage for Piano", "Encounter in a Lonely Place", "Operation Syndrome", "Occupation Force"

4th Printing paperback as collection of shorts, good


The Book of Van Vogt

DAW #4, April 1972 1st Printing paperback as collection, good and bright but lower 1/4 of cover has crease

Stories: "Lost: Fifty Suns" 1952, "The Barbarian" 1947 in Astounding Science Fiction, "The Rat and the Snake" 1970


another copy: DAW #4, 3rd Printing paperback, good-, many small dents on the cover.


The Breaking Earth

May 1988 3rd printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: Catastrophe Planet(by Keith Laumer 1986), Shaking up Space(by Frederick Pohl 1980), This Dynamic Planet(by G. Harry Stine 1981)


The Case Against Tomorrow

Oct. 1965 2nd printing paperback, fair

Stories: The Midas Plague(Galaxy 1954), The Candle Lighter(Galaxy 1955), My Lady Green Sleeves(Galaxy 1956), The Census Takers(Magazine of Fantasy of Science Fiction 1955), The Celebrated No-Hit Inning(Fantastic Universe 1956), Wapshot's Demon(Science Fiction Stories 1956)


another copy: June 1970 3rd printing paperback, good


Citizen in Space

All by Robert Sheckley

Dec. 1978 paperback collection, good+

Stories: Hands Off(Galaxy 1954), Something for Nothing(Galaxy 1954), A Thief in Time(Galaxy 1954), Skulking Permit(Galaxy 1954), Hunting Problem(Galaxy 1955), A Ticket to Tranai(Galaxy 1955), The Luckiest Man in the Universe(as "The Fortunate Person" in Fantastic Universe 1954), The Accountant(The Mag. of F. and S.F. 1954), The Battle(IF 1954), Citizen in Space(as "Spy Story" in Playboy 1955), Ask a Foolish Question(Science Fiction Stories 1953)

$4.00-sold, please send want list

Circus World

All by Barry B. Longyear

1982 1st British Edition paperback as collection, good

Stories: The Tryouts-1978, The Magician's Apprentice-1978, The Second Law-1978, Proud Rider-1978, Dueling Clowns-1979, The Quest-1979, Priest of the Baraboo-1979


The Complete Bolo

All by Keith Laumer

June 1990 1st Baen Printing paperback, good+

The Night of the Trolls(Galaxy 1963), Courier(originally "The Frozen Planet" 1961), The Last Command(1966), A Relic of War(1969), Combat Unit(1960), Rogue Bolo(1986)


Convergent Series

July 1984 5th Printing paperback, good+

Stories: Bordered in Black, One Face, Like a Banquo's Ghost, The Meddler, Dry Run, Convergent Series, The Deadlier Weapon, The Nonsuch, Singularities Make Me Nervous, The Schumann Computer, Assimilating Our Culture, That's What They're Doing!, Grammar Lesson, The Subject is Closed, Cruel and Unusual, Transfer of Power, Cautionary Tales, Rotating Cylinders and the Possibility of a Global Causality Violation, Plaything, Mistake, Night on Mispec Moor, Wrong Way Street


Cosmic Kaleidoscope

All by Bob Shaw

Jan. 1979 1st Printing paperback as collection, good

Stories: "Skrimish on a Summer Morning" 1976, "Unreasonable Facsimile" originally 1974 in Long Night of Waiting, "A Full Member of the Club" originally 1974 in Galaxy, "The Silent Partners" 1959 in Nebula Science Fiction, "Element of Chance" 1969 in Galaxy, "The Gioconda Caper" 1976, "An Uncomic Book Horror Story" 1975 in Science Fiction Monthly, "Deflation 2001" in Amazing 1972, "Waltz of the Bodysnatchers" in Andromeda 1 1976, "A Little Night Flying" 1975 originally titled "Dark Icarus" when published in Science Fiction Monthly but then changed for Galaxy.


The Counterfeit Man

All by Alan E. Nourse, Nov. 1973 2nd printing, good-, Stories: The Counterfeit Man, The Canvas Bag, An Ounce of Cure, The Dark Door, Meeting of the Board, Circus, My Friend Bobby, The Link, Image of the Gods, The Expert Touch, Second Sight.

$2.00-sold, please send want list

another copy: 2nd printing, good+

$3.00-sold, no longer available

The Chronicles of Amber, vol 1

All by Roger Zelazny

SF Book Club hardcover, good condition, with dust jacket painting by Boris

Stories: "Nine Princes in Amber" 1970, "The Guns of Avalon" 1972


The Chronicles of Amber, vol 2

All by Roger Zelazny

SF Book Club hardcover, good condition, with dust jacket painting by Boris

Stories: "Sign of the Unicorn" originally a series in Galaxy issues of January, February, March 1975, "The Hand of Oberon" 1976, The Courts of Chaos" originally a series in Galaxy issues between Nov. 1977 and Feb. 1978.


The Dark Side

Ed. by Damon Knight

1965 1st Printing as collection, paperback, very good

Stories: "The Black Ferris" 1948 by Ray Bradbury, "They" 1941 by Robert Heinlein, "Mistake Inside" 1948 by James Blish, "Trouble with Water" 1939 by H.L. Gold, "C/O Mr. Makepeace" 1954 by Peter Phillips, "The Golem" 1955 by Avram Davidson, "The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham" by H.G. Wells, "IT" 1940 by Theodore Sturgeon, "Nellthu" 1955 by Anthony Boucher, "Casey Agonistes" 1958 by Richard McKenna, "Eye for Iniquity" 1953 by T.L. Sherred, "The Man Who Never Grew Young" 1947 by Fritz Leiber.


The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

All by Stephen King

Illustrations by Michael Whelan

Sept. 1988 1st Trade Paperback Edition as collection, good+

Stories: "The Gunslinger" Oct. 1978 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Way Station" April 1980 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Oracle and the Mountains" Feb. 1981 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Slow Mutants" July 1981 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Gunslinger and the Dark Man" Nov. 1981 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


Day Million

All by Frederick Pohl

June 1970 1st Printing paperback as collection, good-

Stories: Day Million(Rogue Magazine 1966), The Deadly Mission of Snodgrass(Galaxy 1962), The Day the Martians Came by Harlan Ellison(from Dangerous Visions 1967), Schematic Man(Playboy 1968), Small Lords(Science Fiction Quarterly 1956), Making Love(Playboy 1966), Way Up Yonder(Galaxy 1959), Speed Trap(Playboy 1967), It's a Young World!(Astonishing Stories 1941), Under Two Moons(If 1965)


Deep Space

Edited by Robert Silverberg

November 1974 1st Printing paperback as collection, very good-

Stories: "Blood's a Rover" 1952 by Chad Oliver, "Noise" 1952 by Jack Vance, "Life Hutch" 1956 by Harlan Ellison, "Ticket to Anywhere" 1952 by Damon Knight, "The Sixth Palace" by 1965 Robert Silverberg, "Lulugomeena" 1953 by Gordon R. Dickson, "The Dance of the Changer and the Three" 1968 by Terry Carr, "Far Centaurus" 1944 by A.E. van Vogt.


Destination: Universe

All by A.E. van Vogt

paperback, very good

Stories: Far Centaurus-1944 in Astounding, The Monster-1948 in Astounding, Dormant-1949 in Thrilling Wonder Stories, Enchanted Village-1950 in Other Worlds, A Can of Paint-1944 in Astounding, Defense-1948 in Avon Fantasy Reader, The Rulers-1944 in Astounding, "Dear Pen Pal"-1949 in Arkham Sampler, The Sound-1949 in Astounding, The Search-1942 in Astounding.


Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact Volume 1, Number 2, Feb. - March 1979

Edited by James Baen

January 1979 1st Printing, good+

Stories: "Good-Bye Forever to Mr. Pain" by Robert Scheckley, "Domino Famine" by Dean Ing, "The Speckled Gantry" by Joseph Green and Patrice Milton, "To Be Or Not" by Ben Bova, "Time Guide" by Gregory Benford, "The Schumann Computer" by Larry Niven. NOVELETS: "The Ways of Love" by Poul Anderson, "Second Chance" by Orson Scott Card, "Cultural Conflict" by David Drake. SPECULATIVE FACT: "Good-Bye to All That" by Frederik Poul, "New Beginnings" by Jerry Pournelle, "Why Go Into Space?" by G. Harry Stine, "Spider vs. the Hax of Sol III" by Spider Robinson, "The Galactic Drift" by B.D. Wyatt, "Science Fiction and Science" by Poul Anderson, "Malthusian Crisis and Methuselah's Children" by Robert W. Prehoda.


Doorway Into Time

Ed. Sam Moskowitz-1966

paperback, good

Moore, Leinster, Williamson, de Camp, Asimov, Clarke


E Pluribus Unicorn

All by Theodore Sturgeon

Stories: "The Silken Swift"-1953, "The Professor's Teddy Bear"-1948, "Bianca's Hands"-1947, "A Saucer of Loneliness"-1953, "The World Well Lost"-1953, "It Wasn't Syzgy"-1948, "Scars"(originally titled: "The Deadly Ratio")-1949, "Fluffy"-1947, "The Sex Opposite"-1952, "Fluke"-1949, "Die, Maestro, Die"-1947, "A Way of Thinking"-1953

3rd Printing paperback as collection, good


Earth's Other Shadow

paperback, good

Stories: Something Wild is Loose, To See the Invisible Man, Ishmael in Love, How It Was When the Past Went Away, To the Dark Star, The Fangs of the Trees, Hidden Talent, The Song the Zombie Sang, Flies


Earthmen and Strangers

Ed. Robert Silverberg

1968, paperback, good

Russell, Garrett, Silverberg, Anderson, Asimov, Knight, Budrys, Ellison, Clarke


Earth's Other Shadow

All by Robert Silverberg

paperback, good,

Stories: Something Wild is Loose, To See the Invisible Man, Ishmael in Love, How It Was When the Past Went Away, To the Dark Star, The Fangs of the Trees, Hidden Talent, The Song the Zombie Sang, Flies


Encounters with the Diety

All by Michael Bishop

1986 1st Trade Paperback printing collection, good condition

Stories: Close Encounter with the Deity, Voices, A Spy in the Domain of Arnheim, Love's Heresy, Storming the Bijou, Mon Amour, Dog's Lives, A Gift from the Grayleathers, A Short History of the Bicycle: 401 B.C. to 2677 A.D., Diary of a Dead Man, Scrimptalon's Test, The Bob Dylan Tambourine Software & Satori Support Services Consortium, Ltd., Alien Graffiti, And the Marlin Spoke, The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis; Or, The Astrogator's Testimony


Envoy to New Worlds

All by Keith Laumer

1963 1st printing ACE paperback, good+

Stories: Protocol, Sealed Orders, Cultural Exchange, Aide Memoire, Policy, Place Revolution


another copy: 1963 1st printing ACE paperback, good-


another copy: ACE 2nd printing paperback, good


The Eye of the Heron

paperback, good,

Stories: Novel by LeGuin "The Eye of the Heron", Novelette by Joan D. Vinge, "Phoenix in the Ashes", short by Cynthia Felice "No One Said Forever", Diana L. Paxson "The Song of N'Sardi-el", Elizabeth A. Lynn "Jubilee's Story", Cherry Wilder "Mab Gallen Recalled"


The Farthest Reaches

Edited by Joseph Elder

Sept. 1969 1st Printing as collection, paperback, very good

Stories: "The Worm That Flies" by Brain W. Aldiss, "Kyrie" by Poul Anderson, "Tomorrow is a Million Years" by J.G. Ballard, "Pond Water" by John Brunner, "The Dance of the Changer and the Three", "Crusade" by Arthur C. Clarke, "Ranging" by John Jakes, "Mind Out of Time" by Keith Laumer, "The Inspector" by James McKimmey, "To the Dark Star" by Robert Silverberg, "A Night in Elf Hill" by Norman Sinrad, "Sulwen's Planet" by Jack Vance.


The Far-Out Worlds of A.E. Van Vogt

All by A. E. Van Vogt

1968 ACE #22811 First Paperback Printing as collection, good+

Stories: The Replicators-1964 in Galaxy, The First Martian-1939, The Purpose-1945 in Astounding, The Earth Killers, The Cataaaaa-1937, Automation-1950 in Other Worlds, Itself!-1963, Process-1950, Not the First-1941 in Astounding, Fulfillment-1956, Ship of Darkness-1961, The Ultra Man-1966 in Galaxy.


Flandry of Terra

All by Poul Anderson

1979 1st ACE paperback edition, good condition

collects 3 short Dominic Flandry novels: "A Message in Secret"-December 1959 in Fantastic magazine-reprinted in 1961 as "Mayday Orbit", "The Plague of Master"-December 1960 and January 1961 in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination-reprinted 1961 by ACE titled "Earthman Go Home", "The Game of Glory"-March 1958 in Venture Science Fiction

with cover art by Michael Whelan.


Flashing Swords #1

Edited by Frank Frazetta Dust Jacket picture, good+

Original 1st printing of these Stories: The Sadness of the Executioner by Fritz Lieber, Morreion by Jack Vance, The Merman's Children by Poul Anderson, The Higher Heresies of Oolimar by Lin Carter


The Flight of the Horse

All by Larry Niven

Sept. 1973 1st Printing as collection, paperback, very good

Stories: "The Flight of the Horse" 1969 in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Leviathan" 1970 in Playboy, "Bird in the Hand" 1970 in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "There's a Wolf in My Time Machine" 1971 in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Flash Crowd" 1973 in Three Trips in Time and Space, "What Good is a Glass Dagger?" 1972 in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Death in a Cage" 1973.


another copy: Jan. 1981 5th Printing paperback, good+


Four for Tomorrow

All by Roger Zelazny

February 1973 2nd printing paperback as collection, good condition

Stories: The Furies, The Graveyard Heart, The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of his Mouth, A Rose for Ecclesiastes


The Four Lords of the Diamond

All by Jack L. Chalker

SF Book Club Hardcover Omnibus, good+,754 pages

Stories: Lilith: A Snake in the Grass, Cerberus: A Wolf in the Fold, Charon: A Dragon at the Gate, Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail


The Frozen Planet

Ed. byLaumer

paperback, good

Wallace, Lang, Keyes, Simak, good+


Future Tense

Ed. Richard Curtis

September 1968 First Printing as collection, good-

Stories: Wells-The Land Ironclads, Gernsback-New York A.D. 2660, Ballard-Billenium, Grinnell-The Lysenko Maze, Smith G.O.-QRM Interplanetary, Kornbluth-With These Hands, Leinster-Politics, Auerbach-The Day Rembrant Went Public, Heinlein-Solution Unsatisfactory, Clarke-Security Check


Get Off the Unicorn

Ed. Anne McCaffrey

June 1979 5th printing, paperback, good+

Stories: McCaffrey-Lady in the Tower, McCaffrey-A Meeting of Minds, Ben Bova-Daughter, Roger Elwood-Dull Drums, no credit given-Weather on Welladay, George Hay-The Thorns of Barevi, no credit given-The Great Canine Chorus, no credit given-Finder's Keepers, McCaffrey-A Proper Santa Claus, no credit given-The Smallest Dragonboy, McCaffrey-Apple


The Grand Adventure

All by Phillip Jose Farmer

November 1984 1st Trade paperback as collection, Cover Missing

Stories: "The Shadow of Space" 1967 in Worlds of IF, "A Bowl Bigger than Earth" 1967 in Worlds of IF, "Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind" 1974 by Nova 3, "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World" 1971 in New Dimensions 1, "After King Kong Fell" 1973 for Omega, "Totem and Taboo" December 1954 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Adventure of the Three Madmen" 1984


Great Science Fiction by Scientists

Ed. Groff Conklin

1970 6th printing paperback of 1962 collection


Great Science Fiction Stories

Edited by Cordelia Titcomb Smith

July 1972 6th Printing paperback, good

Stories: "Vital Factor" 1951 by Nelson Bond, "Pottage" (from "Pilgrimage")1955 by Zenna Henderson, "The Roads Must Roll" 1940 by Robert A. Heinlein, "The Stolen Bacillus" by H. G. Wells, "The Star" by H. G. Wells, "Nightfall" 1941 by Isaac Asimov, "History Lesson" by Arthur C. Clarke, "In Hiding" 1948 by Wilmar Shiras, "The Martian Crown Jewels" 1958 by Poul Anderson, "The Sands of TIme" 1937 by P. Schuyler Miller, "Into Space" by Jules Verne


The Gryb

All by A.E. van Vogt, E. Mayne Hull and James H. Schmitz

March 1978 2nd Printing as collection, paperback, very good-

Stories: "The Problem Professor" Originally August 1949 titled: "The Problem Spaceship" in Thrilling Wonder Stories, "Rebirth: Earth" by E. Mayne Hull originally December 1942 titled: "The Flight that Failed" in Astounding, "The Gryb" by A.E. van Vogt originally April 1940 titled: "Repetition" in Astounding, "The Invisibility Gambit" originally April 1943 titled: "Abdication" in Astounding, "The Star Saint" originally March 1951 in Planet Stories Magazine.

$6.00-sold, please send want list

Half Way to the Moon, New Writings from Russia

Edited by Patricia Blake and Max Hayward

1965 1st Printing paperback as collection in America, good+

POEMS: "Parabolic Ballad" by Andrei Voznesensky, "Every Railway Station. . ." by Eveni Vinokurov, "Volcanoes" by Bella Akhmadulina, "Fire in the Architectural Institute" by Andrei Voznesensky, "Autumn", "Anti-Worlds", "Foggy Streets", "Leaves and Roots", "Evening on the Building Site", You Live at Your Aunt's", by Andrei Vozensensky, "Dolphins" by Victor Sosnora, "A Footnote to th Debate about Andrei Rublyov, "Secrets", A Knock on the Door", Through Crowded Streets", "Humour", and The Heirs of Stalin" by Evengi Evtushenko.

STORIES: "Matryona's Home" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "Adam and Eve" by Yuri Aksyonov, "Half-Way to the Moon" by Vasili Aksyonov, "Good Luck, Schoolboy!" by Bulat Okudzhava, "The Chase" By Yuri Nagibin, "On Both Sides of the Ocean by Victor Nekrasov


Hecate's Cauldron

DAW #469, world's of witches story collection, good


High Justice

All by Jerry Pournelle

paperback collection of shorts, good-, cover marked, tear

Stories: A Matter of Sovereignty, Power to the People, Enforcer, High Justice, Extreme Prejudice, Consort, Tinker


Homeward and Beyond

All by Poul Anderson

July 1976 1st print paperback as collection, good, covers bent, and well worn but intact, interior clean and bright.

Stories: "Wings of Victory" April 1972 in Analog, "The Long Remembering" November 1957 in The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, "Peek! I See You" February 1968 in Analog, "Murphy's Hall" in Infinity Two, "The Pirate" October1968 in Analog, "Goat Song" February 1972 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Visitor" October 1974 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


The Horn of Time

All by Poul Anderson

January 1968 paperback original first edition, good, clean, light wear to edges, small crease, small stain on cover

Revised stories include: "The Horn of Time the Hunter"(originally: "Homo Aquaticus"), September 1963 in Amazing Stories, "A Man to My Wounding", December 1959 in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, "The High Ones" June 1958 in Infinity Magazine, "The Man Who Came Early, June 1956 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Marius", March 1957 in Astounding Science Fiction, "Progress", January 1962 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


Imperial Stars, vol. 3: The Crash of Empire

June 1989 First Printing as collection, very good

Stories: Benford-Pebble Among the Stars(previously as "Seascape in Faster Than Light Anthology, 1977), Anvil-The Claw and the Clock(Analog, Feb. 1971), Kornbluth-The Only Thing We Learn(Startling Stories, July 1949), H.J. Kaplan-Remembering Vietnam(Commentary, Dec. 1987), G.C. Edmondson-Blessed are the Meek(Astounding, Sept. 1955), Cogswell-Limiting Factor(Galaxy, April 1954), W. Walling-Triage(Analog, Nov. 1976), John W. Campbell-Hyperdemocracy(Astounding, Aug. 1958), Budrys-Chain Reaction(Astounding, April 1957), Klass-Earthman's Burden(Astounding, May 1954), Walter M. Miller-Blood Bank(Astounding, June 1952), Everett B. Cole-Here, There Be Witches(Analog, April 1970), Jennings-The Buzz of Joy(1st printing this collection), W.R. Thompson-Second Contact(Analog, April 1988), Rudyard Kipling-The Quest(in the public domain)


It Came from Schenectady

All by Barry B. Longyear

May 1986 1st printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: Collector's Item, Dreams, The House of It, The Initiation, The Protrait of Baron Negay, SHAWNA Ltd., A Time For Terror, The Homecoming, Twist Ending, Catch the Sun, Adagio, Where do You get Your Ideas?


It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Galaxy

All by Keith Laumer

Dec. 1968 1st Printing paperback as collection, good+

Body Builders(Galaxy 1966), Planet Wreckers(Galaxy 1966), The Star-sent Knaves(Galaxy 1963), The War with the Yukks(Galaxy 1965), Goobereality(Dec. 1968)


The Last Defender of Camelot

All by Roger Zelazny"

1980 Book Club Hardcover as collection, very good condition

Stories: "Passion Play" 1977, "Horseman!" 1962, "The Stainless Steel Leech" 1963, "A Thing of Terrible Beauty" 1963 originally published under the pseudonom of Harrison Denmark, "He Who Shapes" 1964, "Comes Now the Power" 1966, "Auto-Da-Fe" 1967 by Harlan Ellison, "Damnation Alley" 1967 Galaxy, "For A Breath I Tarry" 1966, " The Engine at Heartspring's Center" 1974, "The Game of Blood and Dust" 1975, "No Award" 1977, "Is There A Demon Lover in the House?" 1977, "The Last Defender of Camelot" 1979, "Stand Pat, Ruby Stone" 1978, "HalfJack" 1979 Omni.


another copy: Dec. 1980 1st printing paperback, good


Last Train to Limbo

1971 Playboy Press 1st Printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: Last Train to Limbo" by Asa Baber, "Leviathan" by Larry Niven, "The Monster Show" by Charles Beaumont, "The Illustrated Woman" by Ray Bradbury, "The Food of the Gods" by Arthur C. Clarke, "The Splendid Source" by Richard Matheson, "The Origin of Everything" by Italo Calvino, "On Location" by Thomas Baum, "Man with a Past" by T.K. Brown III, "Word of Honor" by Robert Bloch, "The Lost City of Mars" by Ray Bradbury, "December 28th" by Theodore Thomas, "Who Shall Dwell. . ." by H.C. Neal, "Puppet Show" by Frederic Brown, "Papa's Planet" by William F. Nolan, "Dial "F" for Frankenstein" by Arthur C. Clarke.



All by Larry Niven

Feb. 1985 1st Edition as collection, paperback, very good

Stories: "The Lion in the Attic", "Spirals" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, "A Teardrop Falls", "Talisman" by Larry Niven and Dian Giraud, "Flare Time", "The Locusts" by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes, "Yet Another Modest Proposal: The Roentgen Standard", and More Tales from the Draco Tavern. . ."Table Manners", "The Green Monster", "War Movie", "The Real Thing", "Limits"


The Listeners

All by James E. Gunn

November 1974 1st Printing as collection, paperback, good

Stories: "Robert MacDonald" originally in Galaxy issue of Sept. 1968 titled as "The Listeners", "George Thomas" originally in Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction issue of Sept. 1972 titled as "The Voices", "William Mitchell" Originally in Galaxy issues of May and June 1971 as "The Message", "Andrew White" originally in Galaxy issues of Jan. and Feb. 1972 as "The Answer", "The Computer originally in Galaxy as "The Reply" issues of May and June 1972


another copy: May 1985 Printing paperback, very good+


Long After Midnight

All by Ray Bradbury

Stories: "The Blue Bottle", "Our TImeless Spring", "The Parrot Who Met Papa", "The Burning Man", "A Piece of Wood", "The Messiah", "G.B.S.-Mark V", "The Utterly Perfect Murder", "Punishment Without Crime", "Getting Through Sunday Somehow", "Drink Entire: Against the Maddness of Crowds", "Interval In Sunlight", "A Story of Love", "The Wish", "Forever and the Earth", "The Better Part of Wisdom", "Darling Adolf", "The Miracles of Jamie", "The October Game", "The Pumpernickle", "Long After Midnight", "Have I Got a Chocolate Bar For You!"

4th Printing paperback as collection, very good


Magic in Ithkar

Edited by Andre Norton and Robert Adams

July 1987 First Printing of new stories for this anthology, paperback, good

Stories: "Prologue" by Robert Adams, "The Clockwork Woman" by Ann R. Brown, "First Do No Harm" by Mildred Downey Broxon, "Honeycomb" by Ester M. Friesner, " Demon Luck" by Craig Shaw Gardner, "A quiet Day at the Fair" by Sharon Green, "Mandrake" by Caralyn Inks, "To Trap a Demon" by Ardath Mayhar, "Trave" by Shirley Meier, "The Book-Healer" by Sandra Miesel, " The Demon's Gift" by Kathleen O'Malley, "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" by Claudia Peck, "Day of the Strange Fortune" by Carol Severance, "Cat and the Muse" by Rose Wolf, "The Talisman" by Timothy Zahn



1971 First Edition as collection, Playboy paperback, very good-

Stories: Damon Knight-Masks, Charles Beaumont-Perchance to Dream, John Cheever-The Yellow Room, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.-Fortitude, Rick Rubin-Winter in this Latitude, Robert Coover-The Hat Act, Robert Mc Near-Death's Door, Allan Seager-Colorless in Limestone Caverns, Ken W. Purdy-Untitled, R.K. Narayan- A Breath Of Lucifer.


Mission: Manstop

All by Kris Neville

Oct. 1971 1st Printing as collection, paperback, good-

Stories: "Experimental Station" originally as "The First" 1950 in Super Science Stories, "Take Two Quiggies" 1950 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Marginal Error" 1953 in Thrilling Wonder Stories, "The Toy" 1952 in Imagination, Mission: Manstop" originally as "Mission" 1953 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Hunt the Hunter" 1951 in Galaxy, "Underground Movement" 1952 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


More Soviet Science Fiction

Ed. Isaac Asimov

paperback, good

Stories by: Yefremov, Dnieprov, Saparin, Zhuravleva, A. and B. Sturgatsky


Nebula Award Stories

Ed. by Damon Knight

Nov. 1967, Pocketbooks paperback 1st, very good-


Neutron Star

June 1983 13th Printing, paperback, good+, but scribbled on cover

Stories: "Neutron Star" Oct. 1966 in Worlds of If, "At the Core" Nov. 1966 in Worlds of If, "Relic of the Empire" Dec. 1966 in Worlds of If, "The Soft Weapon" Feb. 1967 in Worlds of If, "Flatlander" March 1967 in Worlds of If, "The Ethics of Madness" April 1967 in Worlds of If, "The Handicapped" Dec. 1967 in Galaxy


Never in this World

Ed. by Jerry Pournelle

April 1971 First Printing as collection, very good-

Stories: Leinster-The Ambulance Made Two Trips(Astounding, April 1960), Stanton-Dodger Fan(Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1957), Garrett-Look Out! Duck!(Astounding, Sept. 1957), J.F. Bone-A Prize for Edie(Analog, April 1961), R. Bretnor-Little Anton(New Tales of Space and Time), Asimov-Dreamworld, Rick Raphael-Make Mine Homogenized(Astounding, April 1960), Briarton-Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot(Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1959), W. Moore-Rebel(Fantasy and Science Fiction, Feb. 1962), Marti-Ibanez -Senhor Zumbeira's Leg(Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dec. 1962), Kuttner and C.L. Moore-Or Else(Amazing, Aug. to Sept. 1953), Anderson-Critique of Impure Reason(Worlds of If, 1962)


New Dimensions

Edited by Robert Silverberg

Oct. 1974 1st Printing paperback, good,

Stories: "After the Dreamtime" by Robert A. Lupoff, "The Bible after Apocalypse" by Laurence M. Janifer, "Outer Concentric" by Felix C. Gotschalk, "The Examination" by Felix C. Gotschalk, "The Colors of Fear" by Terry Carr, "Ariel" by Roger Elwood, "State of the Art" by Barry N. Maltzberg, "Among the Metal-and-People People" by David R. Bunch, "Animal Fair" by R.A. Lafferty, Strangers by Gardner R. Dozois.


New Writings in SF2

Ed. John Carnell

1966 printing, paperback, very good-

Stories: Rackham, Kapp, Green, Lack, Rankine, Etchinson, Spencer, Hall, good++


Nine Hundred Grandmothers

All by R.A. Lafferty

Stories: "Nine Hundred Grandmothers"-1966, "Land of the Great Horses"-1967, "Ginny Wrapped in the Sun"-1967, "The Six Fingers of Time"-1960, "Frog on the Mountain"-1970, "All the People"-1961, "Primary Education of the Camiroi"-1966, "Slow Tuesday Night"-1965, "Snuffles"-1960, "Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne"-1967, "Name of the Snake"-1964, "Narrow Valley"-1966.

1970 1st Printing as collection, paperback, very good


The Non-Statistical Man

All by Raymond F. Jones

May 1964 1st Printing as collection, paperback, fair

Stories: "The Non-Statistical Man" 1956, "The Moon is Death" 1953, "Intermission Time" 1953, "The Gardner" 1957.


Now and Beyond

Sept. 1965 printing paperback, good

Stories: "The Turning Wheel" by Phillip K. Dick, "Unreasonable Facsimile" by Lester Del Ray, "Heav'n, Heav'n" by Eric Frank Russell, "Venus Trap" by Robert Silverberg, "Telestassis" by M.C. Pease, "Wapshot's Demon" by Frederick Pohl, "The Case for Earth" by Eric Frank Russel, "The Outcasts" by George O. Smith.


Off the Beaten Orbit

Ed. Judith Merril

1961 second printing from original 1955, paperback, good

Tories by: Elliot, Boucher, Bixby and Dean, Brown, Sturgeon, Tenn, Wellman, Parker, Charteris, Simak, Miller Jr., Leiber, Priestly, Sheckley, Bradbury, Porges


Off Center

1965 paperback 1st printing as collection, very good

Stories: What Rough Beast-1958, The Second Class Citizen-1963, Be My Guest-1958, God's Nose-1964, Catch That Martian-1952


Pilgrimage to Earth

All by Robert Sheckley

August 1978 paperback printing, collection, good, Stories: Pilgrimage to Earth(Playboy 1956), Disposal Service(Bluebook 1955), Fear in the Night(Today's Woman 1952), Earth, Air, Fire, and Water(Astounding 1955), The Academy(IF 1954), Milk Run(Galaxy 1954), The Lifeboat Mutiny(Galaxy 1955), Deadhead(Galaxy 1955), The Body(Galaxy 1955), Trap(Galaxy 1955), Protection(Galaxy 1956), Bad Medicine(Galaxy 1956), Human Man's Burden(Galaxy 1956), Early Model(Galaxy 1956), All the Things You Are(Galaxy 1956)


The Playboy Book Of Science Fiction and Fantasy

1968 paperback, 402 pages, good+



edited by David Gerrold

Oct. 1971 1st Printing, paperback, very good, Stories: "What Makes a Page, Jamie Knows" by Scott Bradfield, "I'll Be Waiting For You When the Swimming Pool is Empty" by James Tiptree, Jr., "In the Sky of Daemons" by L. Yep, "The Last Ghost" by Stephen Goldwin, "Afternoon with a Dead Bus" by David Gerrold, "Eyes of Onyx" by Edward Bryant, "The World Where Wishes Worked" by Stepin Goldwin, "Cold, the fire of the Phonix" by Leo P. Kelly, "Oasis" by Pamela Sargent, "Holdholtzer's Box" by David R. Bunch, "The Five Dimensional Sugar Cube" by Roger Deeley, "And Watch the Smog Roll In . . ." by Barry Weissman, "Chances Are by Alice Laurance, "The Naked and the Unashamed" by Robert E. Margoff, "My Countr, Right or Wrong" by Andrew J. Offutt, "Side Effect" Pg Wyal


Psi High and Others

by Alan E. Nourse

1967 1st Printing collection, paperback, good-, Stories: The Martyr, Psi High, Mirror, Mirror


Retief of the CDT

All by Keith Laumer

July 1978 First Printing paperback as collection, very good

Stories: Mechanical Advantage, Ballots and Bandits, Pime Doesn't Cray, Internal Affair, The Piecemakers


another copy: 3rd printing, very good


another copy: First Edition Hardcover, ex-libris, good+ condition

$10.00***no longer available, has been sold***

Retief: Diplomat at Arms

All by Keith Laumer

Oct. 1982 First Printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: Ultimatium(originally "The Mightiest Quorn" in Galaxy-July 1963), Native Intelligence(originally "The Govenor of Glave" in Galaxy Nov. 1963), The Prince and the Pirate(Galaxy August 1964), Courier(originally "The Frozen Planet" Sept. 1961), Protest Note(originally "The Desert and the Stars" Nov. 1962), Truce or Consequences(Galaxy Nov. 1966), The Secret-October 1982


another copy: 2nd printing paperback good+


Retief: Emissary to the Stars

All by Keith Laumer

Dec. 1975 1st Printing paperback as collection, good+, Stories: The Negotiators(Analog-1966), The Garbage Invasion(The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction-1972), The Hoob-Melon Crisis, The Troubleshooter, and an excerpt from Retief and the Warlords.


another copy: Dec. 1975 1st printing paperback as collection, good


The Rivals of Frankenstein: A Gallery of Monsters

1980 paperback, ed. Michel Parry, good

Smith C.A.-The Colossus of Ylourgne, Harvey-The Last of Daubney Fitzalans, Jerome-The Dancing Partner, Jerome-The Dancing Partner, Bierce-Moxon's Master, Glut-Dr. Karnstein's Creation, Bloch-Almost Human, Scott Montcrieff-Count Szolnok's Robots, Lovecraft-Herbert West Reanimator, Wellman-Pithecanthropus Rejectus, Leiber-The Dead Man, Binder-The Iron Man



ed. by Robert Lynn Asprin

SF Book Club hardcover with dust jacket, very good, 600 pages

omnibus collection: Thieve's World, Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, and Shadows of Santuary


another copy: SF Book Club hardcover with dust jacket, good, 600 pages


Science Fiction

Edited by S.H. Burton

1975 5th Printing paperback, good

Stories: "Requiem" by Robert A. Heinlein, "A Present from Joe" by Eric Frank Russell, "Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed by Ray Bradbury, "Protected Species" by H. B. Frye, "The New Wine" by John Christopher, "Nightfall" by Isaac Asimov, "The Windows of Heaven" by John Brunner, "Youth" by Isaac Asimov, "The Star" by Arthur C. Clarke.

$3.00-no longer available, listed for story reference only, 10-30-03

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame

paperback 672 pages, good


The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, vol.2b

good, paperback559 pages


Shards of Space

All by Robert Sheckley

Feb. 1971 2nd paperback(was 1st in July 1962), good-, with scribbled on cover, Stories: Alone at Last(Infinity 1956), Fool's Mate(Astounding March 1953), Forever(Galaxy 1953), The Girls and Nugent Miller(Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction March 1960), Meeting of the Minds(Galaxy Feb. 1960), Potiential(Astounding Nov. 1953), Prospector's Special(Galaxy Dec. 1959), The Slow Season(The Mag. of F. and S.F. Oct. 1954), The Special Exhibit(Esquire Oct. 1953), Subsistence Level(Galaxy Aug. 1954), The Sweeper of Loray(Galaxy 1959)


Somewhere a Voice

All by Eric Frank Russel

1965 ACE F-398, first printing paperback, very good condition, Kelly Frank Freas cover, collection of 7 stories: Somewhere a Voice, U-Turn, Seat of Oblivion, Tieline, Displaced Person, Dear Devil, I Am Nothing.


another copy, same as above


A Spadeful of Spacetime

Edited, and contributed to by Fred Saberhagen

Feb 1981 1st Printing paperback, good

Stories: "Decyphered with the Potshards of Time" 1981 by Robert A. Frasier, "Go Starless in the Night" 1981 by Roger Zelazny, "To Whom It May Concern" 1981 by Chad Oliver, "St. Amy's Tale" 1981 by Orson Scott Card, "The Final Days" 1981 by David Langford, "Recessional 1981 by Fred Saberhagen, "Encased in the Amber of Time" 1981 by Robert A. Frasier, "The Child Who Cries at the Moon" 1981 by Connie Willis, "Grain of Truth" 1981 by Charles Spano Jr., "Forward" 1981 by Steve Rasnic Tem, "Strata" 1981 by Edward Bryant, "Forefather Figure" 1981 by Charles Sheffield, "Experimentum Crucis" 1981 by Rivka Jacobs, "Bank and the Shoal of Time" 1981 by R.A. Lafferty, "Animated by the Fossils of Time" 1981 by Robert a. Frasier.


Spectrum 3

Ed.s Kingsley Amis, and Robert Conquest

July 1965, paperback, good

Stories: Sturgeon-Killdozer!, Ballard-The Voices of Time, Anderson-Call Me Joe, Rose-We Would See a Sign, Phillips-Dreams are Sacred, Leinster-Exploration Team, Bester-Fondly Fahrenheit, Clarke-The Sentinel



All by Alfred Bester

6th Printing paperback of the 1958 copyright as collection, very good

Stories: "Disappearing Act" 1953 in Star Science Fiction Stories No. 2, "Adam and No Eve" 1941 Astounding, "Oddy and Id" originally titled "The Devil's Invention" 1950 Astounding, "The Roller Coaster" 1953 in Fantastic, "Of Time and Third Avenue" 1951 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Hobson's Choice" 1952 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Star Light Star Bright" 1953 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Fondly Fahrenheit" 1954 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Starcomber" originally titled: "5,271,009" 1954 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


The Stars Around Us

Ed. by Robert Hokins

March 1970 1st Printing as collection, paperback, good+

Stories: "The Peddler's Nose" 1951 by Jack Williamson, "The Listeners" 1968 by James E. Gunn, "Ghost Fleet" 1961 by Christopher Anvil, "Fondly Fahrenheit" 1954 by Alfred Bester, "With Redfern on Capella XII" 1955 by Frederick Pohl, "Underfollow" 1963 by John Jakes, "The Feeling of Power" 1957 by Isaac Asimov, "The Helping Hand" 1950 by Poul Anderson, "A Work of Art" 1956 by James Blish, "The Great Slow Kings" 1963 by Roger Zelazny.



All by Brian W. Aldiss

5th printing paperback(1st = Jan. 1964), good-

Stories: "The Game of God" (1958 as"Segregation" for New Worlds Science Fiction), "Hearts and Engines" (1960 as "Soldiers Running" for New Worlds Science Fiction), "Old Hundreth" 1961 for New Worlds Science Fiction, "O Moon of My Delight" (1963 for New Worlds Science Fiction as "Moon of Delight"), "The Underpriviledged" for New Worlds Science Fiction, "Legends of Smith's Burst" 1959 for Nebula Science Fiction, "A Kind of Aristry" 1962 for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "Shards" 1962 for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


The Star Treasure

Oct. 1986 1st Baen paperback, good+

Stories: The Star Treasure by Keith Laumer, In the Queue by Damon Knight, A Relic of War by Keith Laumer, Test to Destruction by Harlan Ellison


Swords and Deviltry

All by Fritz Leiber

1st in the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser Sagas

1970 1st Printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: "The Snow Women" originally in Fantastic 1970, "The Unholy Grail" originally in Fantastic 1962, "Ill Met in Lankhmar" originally in Fantasy and Science Fiction 1970 is a Nebula Award Winner.


Transit of Earth

1971 Playboy Press Collection, paperback, good

Stories: "Transit of Earth" by Arthur C. Clarke, "Button, Button" by Richard Matheson, "The Machineries of Joy" by Ray Bradbury, "The Invasion" by Avram Davidson, "Bernie the Faust" by William Tenn, "Cephalotron" by Thomas M. Disch, "It Didn't Happen" by Frederic Brown, "The Man in the Rorschach Shirt" by Ray Bradbury, "Waste Not, Want Not" by John Atherton, "Control Somnabule" by William Sambrot, "Let There Be Light" by Arthur C. Clarke, "Speed Trap" by Frederic Pohl, " Souvenir" by J.G. Ballard


Thieve's World

As editor: Robert Lynn Asprin

Stories: Stories: "Sentences of Death" by John Brunner, "The Face of Chaos" by Lynn Abbey, "The Gate of the Flying Knives" by Poul Anderson, "Shadowspawn" by Andrew J. Offutt, "The Price of Doing Business" by Robert Lynn Asprin, "Blood Brothers" by Joe W. Haldeman, "Myrtis" by Christine DeWees, "The Secret of the Blue Star" by Marion Zimmer Bradley"The Making of Thieves' World" by Robert Lynn Asprin

Oct. 1984 15th paperback printing, good+


another copy: 2nd paperback printing, fair


Thieve's World, Book Two: Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn

Ed. byRobert Asprin &

paperback, fine as new condition

Stories: Farmer-Spiders of the Purple Mage, Drake-Goddess, The Fruit of Enlibar, van Vogt-The Dream of the Sorceress, Morris-Vashanka's Minion, Offutt-Shadow's Pawn, Asprin-To Guard the Guardians


Thieve's World, Book Five: The Face of Chaos

As editors Robert Asprin & Lynn Abbey.

Stories: "High Moon" by Janet Morris, "Necromant" by C. J. Cherryh, "The Art of Alliance" by Robert Lynn Asprin, "The Corners of Memory" by Lynn Abbey, "Votary" by David Drake, "Mirror Image" by Diana L. Paxson

Oct. 1983 1st edition, paperback, good


another copy: June 1985 7th paperback, fair


The Third Eye

All by Theodore Cogswell

Sept 1968 1st Printing as collection, paperback, good

Stories: "Deconditioned Response" originally as "No Gun to the Victor" 1955, "Mr. Hoskin's Heel" 1954, "The Cabbage Patch" 1952, "Limiting Factor" 1954, "Disassembly Line" 1954, "A Spudget for Thwilbert" 1958, "Training Device" 1955, "Impact with the Devil" 1956, "Machine Record" 1961, "One to a Customer" 1958, "The Man Who Knew Grodnik" 1962, "Lover Boy" 1954, "The Other Cheek" 1953, "Minimum Sentence" 1953, "The Short Count" 1952, "Conventional Ending" 1954


This Side of Infinity

Edited by Terry Carr

Sept. 1972 1st Printing as collection paperback, very good, Stories: "The Reality Trip" 1970 in IF by Robert Silverberg, "This Mortal Mountain" 1967 in IF by Roger Zelazny, "Sundown" 1967 in Fantasy and Science Fiction by David Redd, "Toys" 1967 in Analog by Tom Purdom, "Ride in a Tin Can" 1970 in IF by R.A. Lafferty, "The Last Crusade" 1954 in IF by George H. Smith, "Resident Witch" 1970 in Analog by James H. Schmitz, ". . .and the Stagnation of the Heart" 1968 in New Worlds by Brian W. Aldiss


Three Novels

June 1969 paperback first printing as collection, very good-

Stories: Rule Golden-1954, Natural State-1951, The Dying Man-1957


Three Times Infintiy

Edited by Leo Margulies

July 1963 2nd Printing paperback as collection, good-

Novels: "Lorelei of the Red Mist" by Ray Bradbury and Leigh Brackett originally in 1953 Fall issue of Tops In Science Fiction, "The Golden Helix" by Theodore Sturgeon originally in 1954 Summer issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories, "Destination Moon" by Robert A. Heinlein originally in Sept. 1950 issue of Short Stories Magazine.


Tiger by the Tail

1964 First Printing Paperback, good

Stories: Tiger by the Tail/ Nightmare Brother/ PRoblem/ The Coffin Cure/ Brightside Crossing/ The Native Soil/ Love Thy Vimp/ Letter of the Law/ Family Resemblance

$4.00-sold, please send want list

another copy: SFBC hardcover with dust jacket, good to very good


Time and Stars

All by Poul Anderson. First published as collection in 1965

May 1970 2nd Printing as collection, paperback, very good

Stories: "No Truce with Kings" June 1963 in The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, "Turning Point" May 1963 Worlds of If Science Fiction, "Escape From Orbit" Oct 1962 Amazing Stories, "Epilogue" March 1962 Analog, "The Critique of Impure Reason" Nov. 1962 Worlds of If, "Eve Times Four" April 1960 Fantastic Science Fiction Stories.


Times 4

Edited by

Sept. 1970 2nd Printing as Collection paperback, good++, Abridged Stories: "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells, "A Thief in TIme" by Robert Scheckley, "The Face in the Photo" by Jack Finney, "The Business, as Usual" by Mack Reynolds.


Unicorn Variations

All by Roger Zelazny

Book Club Hardcover as collection, good+, but no dust cover

Stories: "Unicorn Variations" 1982, "The Last of the Wild Ones" 1981, "Recital" 1981, "The Naked Matidor" 1981, "The Parts that are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes" 1978, "Dismal Light" 1968 Galaxy, "Go Starless in the Night" 1981, "But Not the Herald" 1965, "A Hand Across the Galaxy" 1967, "The Force that through the Circuit Drives the Current" 1976, "Home is the Hangman" 1975, "Fire and/or Ice" 1980, "Exeunt Omnes" 1980, "A Very Good Year" 1980, "My Lady of the Diodes" 1970, "And I Only Am Escaped to Tell Thee" 1981, "The Horses of Lir" 1981, "The Night Has 999 Eyes" 1964, "Angel, Dark Angel" 1967 Galaxy, "Walpurgisnacht" 1981, "The George Business" 1980, "Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View" 1975


The Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag

All by Robert Heinlein

Feb. 1976 4th Paperback Printing as collection, good

Stories: "The Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag", "The Man Who Traveled in Elephants", "All You Zombies", "They", "Our Fair City", "And He Built A Crooked House"


Untouched by Human Hands

All by Robert Sheckley

Dec. 1967 paperback, collection, good+

Stories: Beside Still Waters(Amazing 1953), The Altar(Fantastic 1953), The Impacted Man(Astounding 1952), Ritual(as "Strange Ritual" in Climax 1953), The Demons(Fantasy 1953), The Monsters(The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1953), The King's Wishes(The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1953), Cost of Living(Galaxy 1952), Seventh Victim(Galaxy 1953), Specialist(Galaxy 1953), Warm(Galaxy 1953), Shape(as "Keep Your Shape in Galaxy 1953), Untouched by Human Hands(as "One Man's Poison in Galaxy 1953),



All by Charles Sheffield

Dec. 1979 1st Printing as collection, paperback, good

Stories: "What song the Sirens Sang" 1977, "Fixed Price War" 1978, "Marconi, Mattin, Maxwell" 1977, "Power Failure" 1978, "Killing Vector" 1978, "Dinsdale Dissents" 1978, "We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident" 1977, "Skystalk" 1979, "How to Build a Beanstalk" 1979, "Transition Team" 1978, "Bounded in a Nutshell" 1978, "The Long Chance" 1977, "The Treasure of Odirex" 1978, "The Dalmation of Faust" 1978


The Wall Around the World

1974 2nd printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: The Masters, The Specter General, Wolfie, Emergency Rations, The Burning, Thimgs, Test Area, Prisioner of Love, Invasion Report, The Wall Around the World.


When Two Worlds Meet

All by Robert Moore Williams

1970 1st Printing paperback as collection, very good-

Stories: "When Two Worlds Meet" 1950 in Amazing Stories, "Aurochs Come Walking" 1954 in The Magazine of Fantay and Science Fiction, "On Pain of Death" 1941 in Astounding Stories, "The Sound of Bugles" 1949 in Startling Stories, "The Final Frontier" 1950 in Super Science Stories, "When the Spoilers Came" 1952 in Planet Stories.


The Wind from the Sun

All by Arthur C. Clarke

5th Printing as collection, paperback, good condition

Stories: "The Food of the Gods", "Maelstrom", "The Shining Ones", "The Wind from the Sun", "The Secret", "The Last Command", "Dial F for Frankenstein", "Reunion", "Playback", "The Light of Darkness", "The Longest Science-Fiction Story Ever Told", "Herbert George Morley Roberts Wells, Esq.", "Love That Universe", "Crusade", "The Cruel Sky", "Neutron Tide", "Transit of Earth", A Meeting with Medusa".


World's Best SF: Series Seven

Daw #288, paperback, good

Varley-In the Hall of the Mountain Kings, Haldeman-A Time to Live, Bishop-The House of Compassionate Sharers, Bryant-Particle Theory, Brunner-The Taste of the Dish and the Savor of the Day, Ellison-Jeffty is Five, Sheldon-The Screwfly Solution, Vinge-Eyes of Amber, Gunn-Child of the Sun, Simak-Brother


Worlds to Come

Ed. Damon Knight

1967, paperback, good+

Stories by: Clarke, Fyfe, Bradbury, Budrys, Asimov, MacDonald, Heinlein, Kornbluth, Blish


The Worlds of Jack Vance

All by Jack Vance

December 1973 1st printing paperback as collection, good+

Stories: The World Between, The Moon Moth, Brain of the Galaxy, The Devil on Salvation Bluff, The Men Return, The Kokod Warriors, The King of Thieves, Coup de Grace, The Brains of Earth.


The Wounded Planet

Edited by Roger Elwood and Virginia Kidd, with an introduction by Frank Herbert

August 1974 reprinting of the title: "Saving Worlds", paperback, good+

Stories: "Saving the World" by Terry Carr, "Parks of Rest and Culture" by George Zebrowski, "The Quality of the Product" by Lil and Kris Neville, "Ode to the Source of the Clitumnus" and "The Politics of Darkness" two poems by Tom Disch, "Small War" by Katherine MacLean, "Desirable Lakeside Residence" by Andre Norton, "The Smokey the Bear Sutra", by Gary Snyder, "An Article About Hunting", Gene Wolfe, "Noonday Devil" by Dennis O'Neil, "Scorner's Seat" by R.A. Lafferty, "The Battered-Earth Syndrone" by Barry N. Maltzberg, "Windmill", by Poul Anderson, "Paradise Regained" by Cogswell Thomas, "Beautyland" by Gene Wolfe, "The Day" by Colin Saxton, "starfish" and "Billennium: A Note to Deadcat" two poems by D.M. Price, "Don't Hold Your Breath" by A.E. van Vogt, "The Wind and the Rain" by Robert Silverberg.

$5.00-sold, please send want list

You're All Alone

All by Fritz Leiber

1st Printing paperback as collection, good-

Stories: "You're All Alone" 1950 in Fantasy Magazine, "Four Ghosts in Hamlet" 1965 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Creature from the Cleveland Depths" 1962 in Galaxy.


The Robot Who Looked Like Me

All by Robert Sheckley

Stories: The Robot Who Looked Like Me, Slaves of Time, Voices, A Supplicant in Space, "Zim Left Unguarded, the Jenghik Palace in Flames, John Westerly Died", Sneak Previews, Welcome to the Standard Nightmare, End City, The Never-Ending Western Movie, What is Life? I see a Man Sitting on a Chair, and the Chair is Biting his Leg, Id That What People Do?, Silversmith Wishes

1982 1st Printing paperback, good


Can you Feel Anything When I Do This?

All by Robert Sheckley

Stories: "Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?", "Cordle to Onion to Carrot", "The Petrified World", "Game: First Schematic", "Doctor Zombie and His Furry Little Friends", "The Cruel Equations", "The Same to You Doubled", "Starting From Scratch", "The Mnemone", "Tripout", "Notes on the Perception of Imaginary Differences", "Down the Digestive Tract and into the Cosmos with Mantra, Trantra, and Specklebang", "Pas de Trois of the Chef and the Waiter, and the Customer", "Aspects of Langranak", "Plague Circuit", "Tailpipe to Disaster"

Daw #99 paperback, fair


another copy: Daw #99 1974 1st Printing, paperback, very good


Store of Infinity

All by Robert Sheckley

Stories: The Prize of Peril, The Humors, Triplification, The Minimum man, If the Red Slayer, The Store of the Worlds, The Gun Without a Bang, The Deaths of Ben Baxter

1970 2nd paperback print, good+


The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction

Editors: Issac Asimov, Charles G. Waugh, and Martin Greenberg.

Stories: "Sloth" by Jack Vance, "Peeping Tom" by Judith Merril, "The Invisible Man Murder Case" by Henry Slesar, "Galley Slave" by Isaac Asimov, "Divine Madness" by Roger Zelazny, "The Midas Plague" and "The Man Who Ate the World" by Frederick Pohl, "Margin of Profit" by Poul Anderson, "The Hook, the Eye, and the Whip" by Michael G. Coney.

book club hardcover, very good with DJ


Nine Tomorrows

All by Isaac Asimov

Stories: (with opening and closing poems titled: "I Just Make Them Up, See! and Rjection Slips)"Profession", "The Feeling of Power", "The Dying Night", "I'm in Marsport with Hilda", "The Gentle Vultures", "All the Troubles of the World", "Spell My Name with an S", "The Last Question", "The Ugly Little Boy"

July 1960 2nd Printing as collection, paperback, fair


The Edge of Tomorrow

All by Isaac Asimov

Stories: "Unique Is Where You Find It", "The Eureka Phenomenon" in F&SF June1971, "The Feeling of Power", If Feb. '58, "The Comet That Wasn't" in F&SF Nov '76, "Found!" in Omni Oct. 1978, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Microwaves" in F&SF May 1977, "Pate de Foie Gras" in Astounding Sept. 1956, "The Bridge of the Gods" in F&SF March 1975, "Belief" in Astounding Oct. 1953, "Euclid's Fifth", F&SF March 1971, "The Plane Truth" in F&SF April 1971, "The Billiard Ball" in If Magazine March 1967, "The Winds of Change" in Speculations, ed. Isaac Asimov & Alice Laurance 1982 "The Figure of the Fastest" in F&SF Nov '73, "The Dead Past" in Astounding April 1956, "The Fateful Lightning" in F&SF June 1969, "Breeds There a Man...?" in Astounding June 1951, "The Man Who Massed the Earth" in F&SF Sept. 1969, "Nightfall" in Astounding Sept. 1941, "The Planet That Wasn't" in F&SF May 1975, ""The Ugly Little Boy" (orig. "Lastborn") in Galaxy Sept. 1958, "The Three Who Died Too Soon" in F&SF July 1982, "The Last Question" in Science Fiction Quarterly Nov. 1956, "The Nobel Prize That Wasn't" in F&SF April 1970

July 1986 1st Paperback as collection, good+


Buy Jupiter

All by Isaac Asimov

Stories: "Darwinian Pool Room" 1950, "Day of the Hunters" 1950, "Shah Guido G." 1951, "Button, Button" 1952, "The Monkeys Finger" 1952, "Everest" 1953, "The Pause" 1954, "Lets Not" 1954, "Each an Explorer" 1956, "Blank!" 1957, "Does a Bee Care?" 1957, "Silly Asses" 1957, "Buy Jupiter" 1958, "A Statue for Father" 1958, "Rain, Rain, Go Away" 1959, "Founding Father" 1965, "Exile to Hell" 1968, "Key Item" 1968, "The Proper Study" 1968, "2430 A.D." 1970, "The Greatest Asset" 1971, "Takes a Match" 1972, "Thiotimoline to the Stars" 1973, "Light Verse" 1973

1982 British Edition paperback, good+


another copy: Titled, "Buy Jupiter, and Other Stories", Book Club Hardcover, very good


The Persistance of Vision

Collection, all by John Varley: The Phantom of Kansas, Air Raid, The Black Hole Passes, Retrograde Summer, In the Hall of the Martian Kings, In the Bowl, "Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance", Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, The Persistance of Vision

SF Book Club Hardcover, very good with dust jacket


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