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Isaac Asimov

( 1920-1992 )

Born In Russia, he came to the U.S. in 1923 to become a Sci-Fi Icon. Has he envisioned what might be our 'world wide web future' in his 1954 story: "The Caves of Steel"? His robots, their technology, and their laws are classic as is the "Foundation" series.--Lee Skidmore

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The Foundation Trilogy

old serviceable book club edition without dust cover

$3.00--sold, please check back

another copy-1982 paperback with Don Dixon cover, good condition


another 2 copies(smaller size)-1983 paperback with Don Dixon cover, good condition.

$3.00 each

Foundation's Edge

1982 deluxe hardcover limited edition first edition, signed and numbered-866/1000, excellent condition with leather and cloth cover, gold printing with gold leaf on top papers-Hugo Award


another copy: 1983 paperback, fair condition, with Michael Whelan cover. A reasonably priced limited edtion print of the cover may still be available from Glass Onion Graphics.


another copy: book club hardcover, good

$4.00--sold, please check back

another copy: Nov. 1983 1st Printing as paperback, good


Forward the Foundation

April 1993 2nd edition full size hardcover in excellent condition--his last work of fiction as he died in April of 1992.


another copy: April 1993 2nd edition book club size hardcover in excellent condition--his last work of fiction as he died in April of 1992.

$5.00--sold, please check back

Foundation and Earth

Fifth in the Foundation Series

Oct. 1987 1st US Paperback, good


1986 1st Printing Hardcover in good+ condition, no dust wrapper

$10.00***has been sold, please check back***

Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain

1987 first edition, book in excellent condition with Asimov's signature embossed in gold on the cover, dust wrapper is just good as it has chips and tiny tears around the edges.

$25.00--sold, please check back.

Fantastic Voyage

1966 book club edition in good condition with dust wrapper a bit worn around the edges.


another copy, not quite as good condition, without dust wrapper.


3rd Printing paperback of the Oct. 1966 copyright, good


another copy, paperback, 5th printing movie cover, good


another copy, paperback, 6th printing movie cover, good


another copy, paperback, 33rd printing, fair


The Positronic Man

with Robert Silverberg, 1992 edition hardcover, excellent condition except has a bookstore stamp on the flyleaf.


The Complete Stories, Volume 2

1992-book club edition?, 600+ page collection of 40 short stories with Bicentennial Man-Hugo and Nebula award winner.


The Complete Robot

book club hardcover, good condition

$8.00***has been sold, please check back***

The Robots of Dawn

1983 First Edition Hardcover, no dust cover, fair to good external appearance


book club hardcover, no DJ, good+


another copy: paperback, stained, cover marked, well-worn, but intact


Robots and Empire

1985 First Edition Hardcover, dust jacket, very good condition

$20.00***has been sold, please check back***

Un Defile De Robots

1967 French paperback edition of the 1964 novel: "The Rest of the Robots", very good to fine condition.

$20.00 U.S.


Oct. 1989 1st Edition Hardcover, fine condition


Oct. 1989 1st Edition Hardcover, very good condition


paperback, stained, cover marked, well-worn, but intact


13 Short Science Fiction Novels

-edited by Isaac Asimov

Large Hardcover, good to very good, with dust jacket, 574 pages
Stories are:
"Profession" by Asimov,
"Who Goes There?" by J. W. Campbell, "For I Am A Jealous People!" by Lester del Ray,
"The Mortal and the Monster" by Gordon R. Dickson, "Time Safari" by David Drake,
"In the Western Tradition" by Phyllis Eisenstien, "The Alley Man" by Phillip
Jose Farmer, "The Sellers of the Dream" by John Jakes, "The Moon Goddess
and the Son" by Donald Kingsbury, "Enemy Mine" by Barry Longyear, "Flash Crowd" by Larry Niven, "In the Problem Pit" by Frederick Pohl, "The Desert of Stolen Dreams" by Robert Silverberg


Asimov on Science Fiction

1981 book club edition of essays on many aspects of science fiction. good condition with dust jacket.


The Exploding Suns

2nd edition hardcover, no dust jacket, very good condition, science fact book about novas, pulsars, etc.


The Stars Like Dust

paperback, fair-well worn


another copy: 1963 limited edition printing paperback(cloth like cover) of the 1951 story, with essay by Sam Moskowitz, cover by unknown

$3.00-sold, please send want list

Isaac Asimov's

Wonderful World of Science Fiction #1

Intergalactic Empire

December 1983, first printing paperback as collection of 9 short stories


Where Do We Go From Here?

Edited by Isaac Asimov

October 1972 paperback, collection of 17 short stories by various authors, good condition


The Seven Deadly Sins and Cardinal Virtues of Science Fiction

Edited by Isaac Asimov

1982 hardcover, compilation of two earlier volumes, 17 stories by various authors, good condition


Jupiter: The Largest Planet

1973 Hardcover, Ex-Libris, dust jacket, clean, but missing flyleaf, science fact book

$6.00-sold, please send want list

The Naked Sun

Nov. 1972 paperback, very good+ condition


another copy: paperback, good+


A Whiff of Death

1969 paperback, first as?(originally as: The Death Dealers-murder mystery, not a SF book), very good+ condition


Adding a Dimension

March 1975 paperback-science fact book, not a SF book, good+



with Robert Silverberg

Nov. 1990 1st edition hardcover, good


another copy: Sept. 1991 First Printing paperback, good+


The End of Eternity

Oct. 1971 Fawcett paperback, good-


another copy: paperback, good+


another copy: Oct. 1971 Fawcett paperback, good


Extraterrestrial Civilizations

science fact book

1979 Book Club Hardcover, good- condition


Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter

originally published as hardcover in 1957 as if by Paul French

May 1972 1st Printing paperback, fair large chips in cover and page edges


another copy: May 1972 1st paperback, good


Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids

1978 1st Printing paperback, good-


another copy: 3rd paperback, good+


May 1984 paperback, good+


Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn

1978 1st Printing paperback, good+


another copy: 1978 1st paperback, good-


Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus

March 1972 1st Printing, paperback, good


David Starr, Space Ranger

4th paperback, fair+


Lucky Starr and the Big Sun Mercury

March 1972 1st Printing, paperback, good


I, Robot

6th Printing paperback, good


another copy, paperback, good-


The Gods Themselves

Winner of the Hugo Award, Nebula Award, and Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year award

June 1973 1st Printing paperback, very good


another copy: 1972 book club hardcover, good, no DJ


Prelude to Foundation

April 1989 1st Printing Paperback, good+


another copy: April 1989 1st Printing Paperback, good, but cover marked up


Second Foundation

25th Printing Paperback of the Dec. 1964 copyright, good, but cover marked


The Caves of Steel

15th paperback, good


The Naked Sun

paperback, good+


Before the Golden Age, A Science Fiction Anthology of the 30's

As editor, with autobiographical stories about each story, 26 stories

1974 hardcover, no DJ, good+, 912 pages.


Understanding Physics

Omnibus collecting: "Motion, Sound, and Heat", "Light, Magnetism, and Electricity", and "The Electron, Proton, and Neutron".

1988 6th Printing Hardcover, with DJ, very good


The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction

As editor, with Charles G. Waugh, and Martin Greenberg. Stories: "Sloth" by Jack Vance, "Peeping Tom" by Judith Merril, "The Invisible Man Murder Case" by Henry Slesar, "Galley Slave" by Isaac Asimov, "Divine Madness" by Roger Zelazny, "The Midas Plague" and "The Man Who Ate the World" by Frederick Pohl, "Margin of Profit" by Poul Anderson, "The Hook, the Eye, and the Whip" by Michael G. Coney.

book club hardcover, very good with DJ


Change! 71 Glimpses of the Future

1981 1st Hardcover Edition Printing as collection, very good


Nine Tomorrows

Stories: (with opening and closing poems titled: "I Just Make Them Up, See! and Rjection Slips)"Profession", "The Feeling of Power", "The Dying Night", "I'm in Marsport with Hilda", "The Gentle Vultures", "All the Troubles of the World", "Spell My Name with an S", "The Last Question", "The Ugly Little Boy"

July 1960 2nd Printing as collection, paperback, fair


The Edge of Tomorrow

Stories: Unique Is Where You Find It", "The Eureka Phenomenon" in F&SF June1971, "The Feeling of Power", If Feb. '58, "The Comet That Wasn't" in F&SF Nov '76, "Found!" in Omni Oct. 1978, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Microwaves" in F&SF May 1977, "Pate de Foie Gras" in Astounding Sept. 1956, "The Bridge of the Gods" in F&SF March 1975, "Belief" in Astounding Oct. 1953, "Euclid's Fifth", F&SF March 1971, "The Plane Truth" in F&SF April 1971, "The Billiard Ball" in If Magazine March 1967, "The Winds of Change" in Speculations, ed. Isaac Asimov & Alice Laurance 1982 "The Figure of the Fastest" in F&SF Nov '73, "The Dead Past" in Astounding April 1956, "The Fateful Lightning" in F&SF June 1969, "Breeds There a Man...?" in Astounding June 1951, "The Man Who Massed the Earth" in F&SF Sept. 1969, "Nightfall" in Astounding Sept. 1941, "The Planet That Wasn't" in F&SF May 1975, ""The Ugly Little Boy" (orig. "Lastborn") in Galaxy Sept. 1958, "The Three Who Died Too Soon" in F&SF July 1982, "The Last Question" in Science Fiction Quarterly Nov. 1956, "The Nobel Prize That Wasn't" in F&SF April 1970

July 1986 1st Paperback as collection, good+


The Solar System and Back

Speculative science fact essays.

May 1972 4th paperback, good-cover corner clipped


Buy Jupiter

Stories: "Darwinian Pool Room" 1950, "Day of the Hunters" 1950, "Shah Guido G." 1951, "Button, Button" 1952, "The Monkeys Finger" 1952, "Everest" 1953, "The Pause" 1954, "Lets Not" 1954, "Each an Explorer" 1956, "Blank!" 1957, "Does a Bee Care?" 1957, "Silly Asses" 1957, "Buy Jupiter" 1958, "A Statue for Father" 1958, "Rain, Rain, Go Away" 1959, "Founding Father" 1965, "Exile to Hell" 1968, "Key Item" 1968, "The Proper Study" 1968, "2430 A.D." 1970, "The Greatest Asset" 1971, "Takes a Match" 1972, "Thiotimoline to the Stars" 1973, "Light Verse" 1973

1982 British Edition paperback, good+


another copy: Titled, "Buy Jupiter, and Other Stories", Book Club Hardcover, very good


Pebble in the Sky

Nov. 1983 paperback, good+


another copy: 18th paperback, very good

$4.00--sold, please send want list

The Currents of Space

March 1971 paperback, very good


another copy: March 1971 paperback, good-


Other Books:

Pebble in the Sky-1950

I, Robot-1950

The Stars, Like Dust--1951


David Starr, Space Ranger-1952

Foundation and Empire-1952

The Currents of Space-1952

Second Foundation-1953

The Foundation Trilogy-????

Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids-1953

The Caves of Steel-1954

Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus-1954

The Martian Way and Other Stories-1955

The End of Eternity-1955

Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury-1956

The Naked Sun-1957

Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter-1957

Earth is Room Enough-1957

Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn-1958

The Death Dealers (A Whiff of Death)-1958

Nine Tomorrows-1959

Adding A Dimension-1964

The Rest of the Robots-1964

Fantastic Voyage-1966

Through a Glass, Clearly-1967

Asimov's Mysteries-1968

Nightfall and Other Stories-1969

The Solar System and Back-1970

The Gods Themselves-1972-Hugo Award, Nebula Award

The Early Asimov-1972

The Best of Isaac Asimov-1973

Have You Seen These-1974

Tales of the Black Widowers-1974

Buy Jupiter and Other Stories-1975

The Heavenly Host-1975

Murder at the ABA-1976

The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories-1976

More Tales of the Black Widowers-1976

The Key Word and Other Mysteries

The Casebook of the Black Widowers-1980

Asimov on Science Fiction-1981

The Complete Robot-1982

Foundation's Edge-1982-Hugo Award

The Seven Deadly SIns and Cardinal Virtues of Science Fiction-editor, various authors-1982

The Winds of Change and Other Stories-1983

The Union Club Mysteries-1983

Norby the Mixed-Up Robot-1983 with Janet Asimov

The Robots of Dawn-1983

Norby's Other Secret-1984 with Janet Asimov

Banquets of the Black Widowers-1984

Norby and the Lost Princess-1985 with Janet Asimov

The Disappearing Man and Other Stories-1985

Robots and Empire-1985

Norby and the Invaders-1985 with Janet Asimov

The Alternate Asimovs-1986

The Best Mysteries of Isaac Asimov-1986

The Best Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov-1986

Foundation and Earth-1986

Robot Dreams-1986

Norby and the Queen's Necklace-1986 with Janet Asimov

Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain-1987

Norby Finds a Villian-1987 with Janet Asimov

Other Universes of Isaac Asimov-1987

Prelude to Foundation-1988


Norby Down to Earth-1988 with Janet Asimov

Norby and Yobo's Great Adventure-1989 with Janet Asimov


Nightfall-1990 with Robert Silverberg

Norby and the Oldest Dragon-1990 with Janet Asimov

Norby and the Court Jester-1991 with Janet Asimov

The Ugly Little Boy-1992 with Robert Silverberg

The Positronic Man-1992 with Robert Silverberg

The Complete Stories-1992

Forward the Foundation-1993

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Copyright (c) 1996 Lee Skidmore