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.:SciFi Awards:.

John W. Campbell Memorial Award

John W. Campbell Award

Philip K. Dick Award

Hugo Award

Locus Award

Nebula Award

Skylark Award

James Tiptree Jr. Award

Prix Jules Verne Award

Ditmar Award

British Science Fiction Award

Hugo Award


1953-- Alfred Bester, The Demolished Man

1955-- Mark Clifton and Frank Riley, They'd Rather be Right

1956-- Robert A. Heinlein, Double Star

1957-- none

1958-- Fritz Leiber, The Big Time

1959-- James Blish, A Case of Conscience

1960-- Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

1961-- Walter M. Miller Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz

1962-- Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

1963-- Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle

1964-- Clifford D. Simak, Way Station

1965-- Fritz Leiber, The Wanderer

1966-- Frank Herbert, Dune and Roger Zelazny, ". . . And Call Me Conrad"

1967-- Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

1968-- Roger Zelazny, Lord of Light

1969-- John Brunner, Stand on Zanzibar

1970-- Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

1971-- Larry Niven, Ringworld

1972-- Philip Jose Farmer, To Your Scattered Bodies Go

1973-- Isaac Asimov, The Gods Themselves

1974-- Arthur C. Clarke, Rendezvous with Rama

1975-- Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

1976-- Joe Haldeman, The Forever War

1977-- Kate Wilhelm, Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

1978-- Frederik Pohl, Gateway

1979-- Vonda N. McIntyre, Dreamsnake

1980-- Arthur C. Clarke, The Fountains of Paradise

1981-- Joan D. Vinge, The Snow Queen

1982-- C.J. Cherryh, Downbelow Station

1983-- Isaac Asimov, Foundation's Edge

1984-- David Brin, Startide Rising

1985-- William Gibson, Neuromancer

1986-- Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

1987-- Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the Dead

1988-- David Brin, The Uplift War

1989-- C.J. Cherryh, Cyteen

1990-- Dan Simmons, Hyperion

1991-- Lois McMaster Bujold, The Vor Game

1992-- Lois McMaster Bujold, Barrayar

1993-- Vernor Vinge, A Fire Upon the Deep and Connie Willis, Doomsday Book

1994-- Kim Stanley Robinson, Green Mars


Hugo Award



Novelette: Walter M. Miller, Jr., "The Darfstellar"

Short Story: Eric Frank Russell, "Allamagoosa"


Novelette: Murray Leinster, "Exploration Team"

Short Story: Arthur C. Clarke, "The Star"




Short Story: Avram Davidson, "Or All the Seas with Oysters"


Novelette: Clifford D. Simak, "The Big Front Yard"

Short Story: Robert Bloch, "That Hell-Bound Train"


Short Fiction: Daniel Keyes, "Flowers for Algernon"


Short Story: Poul Anderson, "The Longest Voyage"


Short Fiction: Brian W. Aldiss, the Hothouse series


Short Fiction: Jack Vance, "The Dragon Masters"


Short Story: Poul Anderson, "No Truce with Kings"


Short Fiction: Gordon R. Dickson, "Soldier, Ask Not"


Short Fiction: Harlan Ellison, "'Repent, Harlequin!' said the Ticktockman"


Novelette: Jack Vance, "The Last Castle"

Short Story: Larry Niven, "Neutron Star"


Novella: Anne McCaffrey, "Weyr Search" and Philip Jose Farmer, "Riders of the Purple Wage" (tie)

Novelette: Fritz Leiber, "Gonna Roll Those Bones"

Short Story: Harlan Ellison, "I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream"


Novella: Robert Silverberg, "Nightwings"

Novelette: Poul Anderson, "The Sharing of Flesh"

Short Story: Harlan Ellison, "The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World"


Novella: Fritz Leiber, "Ship of Shadows"

Short Story: Samuel R. Delany, "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones"


Novella: Fritz Leiber, "Ill Met in Lankhmar"

Short Story: Theodore Sturgeon, "Slow Sculpture"


Novella: Poul Anderson, "The Queen of Air and Darkness"

Short Story: Larry Niven, "Inconstant Moon"


Nebula Award


1965-- Frank Herbert, Dune

1966-- Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon, and Samuel R. Delany, Babel-17

1967-- Samuel R. Delany, The Einstein Intersection

1968-- Alexei Panshin, Rite of Passage

1969-- Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

1970-- Larry Niven, Ringworld

1971-- Robert Silverberg, A Time of Changes

1972- Isaac Asimov, The Gods Themselves

1973- Arthur C. Clarke, Rendezvous with Rama

1974-- Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

1975-- Joe Haldeman, The Forever War

1976-- Frederik Pohl, Man Plus

1977-- Frederik Pohl, Gateway

1978-- Vonda N. McIntyre, Dreamsnake

1979-- Arthur C. Clarke, The Fountains of Paradise

1980-- Gregory Benford, Timescape

1981-- Gene Wolfe, The Claw of the Conciliator

1982-- Michael Bishop, No Enemy But Time

1983-- David Brin, Startide Rising

1984-- William Gibson, Neuromancer

1985-- Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

1986-- Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the Dead

1987-- Pat Murphy, The Falling Woman

1988-- Lois McMaster Bujold, Falling Free

1989-- Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, The Healer's War

1990-- Ursula K. Le Guin, Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea

1991-- Michael Swanwick, Stations of the Tide

1992-- Connie Willis, Doomsday Book

1993-- Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars


1995-- Greg Bear, Moving Mars


Nebula Award


1965-- Brian W. Aldiss, "The Saliva Tree", and Roger Zelany, "He who Shapes" (tie)

1966-- Jack Vance, "The Last Castle"

1967-- Michael Moorcock, "Behold the Man"

1968-- Anne McCaffrey, "Dragonrider"

1969-- Harlan Ellison, "A Boy and his Dog"

1970-- Fritz Leiber, "Ill Met in Lankhmar"

1971-- Katherine Maclean, "The Missing Man"

1972-- Arthur C. Clarke, "A Meeting with Medusa"

1973-- Gene Wolfe, "The Death of Dr Island"

1974-- Robert Silverberg, "Born with the Dead"

1975-- Roger Zelazny, "Home is the Hangman"

1976-- James Tiptree, Jr., "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?"

1977-- Spider and Jeanne Robinson, "Stardance"

1978-- John Varley, "The Persistence of Vision"

1979-- Barry B. Longyear, "Enemy Mine"

1980-- Suzy McKee Charnas, "Unicorn Tapestry"

1981-- Poul Anderson, "The Saturn Game"

1982-- John Kessel, "Another Orphan"

1983-- Greg Bear, "Hardfought"

1984-- John Varley, "Press Enter"

1985-- Robert Silverberg, "Sailing to Byzantium"

1986-- Lucius Shepard, "R & R"

1987-- Kim Stanley Robinson, "The Blind Geometer"

1988-- Connie Willis, "The Last of the Winnebagos"

1989-- Lois McMaster Bujold, "The Mountains of Mourning"

1990-- Joe Haldeman, "The Hemingway Hoax"

1991-- Nancy Kress, "Beggars in Spain"

1992-- James Morrow, "City of Truth"

1993-- Jack Cady, "The Night We Buried Road Dog"

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