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Steven Barnes

( 1952- )

Author of the cyberpunk series: Streetlethal-1983, Gorgon Child-1989, Firedance-1993? Longtime writing association with Larry Niven.

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The California Voodoo Game

with Larry Niven

Febuary 1992 first edition, excellent conditon.



Jan. 1994 FIrst Edition Hardcover, book is in fine condition, dust wrapper has chip out of front cover at top right corner


The Descent of Anansi

with Larry Niven

Sept. 1982 1st Printing, paperback, good


Oct. 1982 2nd Printing paperback, good-


Dream Park

with Larry Niven

May 1986 6th Printing paperback, very good-


The Barsoom Project

with Larry Niven

Sept. 1989 1st Edition, paperback, good+


Legacy of Heorot

with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

1987 1st Edition Hardcover, very good


The Garden of Rama

with Gentry Lee

Sept. 1991 1st Edition Hardcover, very good



Jan. 1991 1st Printing Paperback, fair, cover marked


Kaleiscope Century

May 1995 1st Edition Hardcover, new book/fine


Other Books:

Dream Park, with Larry Niven-1981

Descent of Anansi, with Larry Niven-1982


Kundalini Equation-1986

The Legacy of Heorot, with L. Niven and Jerry Pournelle-1987

Gorgon Child-1989

The Barsoom Project, with Larry Niven-1989

Achilles' Choice, with Larry Niven

The California Voodoo Game, with Larry Niven-1992 US edition


Dragons of Heorot, with L. Niven and J. Pournelle-1995

Kaleidoscope Century-1995

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