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Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

( 1923- )

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1974 book club edition, fair to good condition, including dust cover, from the short story of the same name published in Analog June 1961.


May 1978 1st paperback, good+


Other Books:

The Angry Espers-1961 first novel

All the Colors of Darkness-1963

The Fury Out of Time-1965

Watchers of the Dark-1966

The Rule of the Door and Other Fanciful Regulations-1967 collection

The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets-1968

The World Menders-1971

The Light That Never Was-1972

The Metallic Muse-1972 collection


This Darkening Universe-1975

Silence is Deadly-1977

The Whirligig of Time-1979

Alien Main-1985

The Tunesmith-1991

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