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Michael Bishop

( 1945- )

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Count Geiger's Blues

July 1992, hardcover first edition, very good to fine condition


Encounters with the Diety

1986 1st Trade Paperback printing collection, good condition, Stories: Close Encounter with the Deity, Voices, A Spy in the Domain of Arnheim, Love's Heresy, Storming the Bijou, Mon Amour, Dog's Lives, A Gift from the Grayleathers, A Short History of the Bicycle: 401 B.C. to 2677 A.D., Diary of a Dead Man, Scrimptalon's Test, The Bob Dylan Tambourine Software & Satori Support Services Consortium, Ltd., Alien Graffiti, And the Marlin Spoke, The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis; Or, The Astrogator's Testimony


Ancient of Days

2nd Printing Hardcover, good+


Eyes of Fire

Jan. 1980 1st Printing, paperback, very good+


Other Books:

A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire-1975

Stolen Faces-1977

A Little Knowledge-1977

Catacomb Years-1979 (sequel to "A Little Knowledge")

And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees

Eyes of Fire-1980

Under Heaven's Bridge, with Ian Watson-1980?

Blooded on Arachne-1982-collection of shorts

No Enemy But Time-1982-Nebula Award

Who Made Stevie Cry?-1984

One Winter in Eden-1984-collection of shorts

Ancient of Days-1985

Emphatically Not SF, Almost-collection of shorts

Unicorn Mountain-1988

The Secret Ascension(Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas)-1988 p>Apartheid, Superstrings, and Mordecai Thubana-1989

Close Encounters with the Diety-1991-collection of shorts

Count Geiger's Blues-1992

Brittle Innings-1994

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