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Welcome to Past.Stuff

Several parallel universes, and a long time ago, I picked up a Tom Swift Jr. book. A blue denim book wrapped with a picture of a giant flying ship. It worked for Jules Verne. I loved them. Still have a few. It's good to remember your roots. Hey, they gave me the bug, okay?

Doc Smith slammed into my life after that like a super dense Duralinium bar. The first installment of the Skylark of Valeron was featured in the August 1934 issue of Astounding Stories along with a full color cover picture of the Skylark of Valeron. If you weren't safe on the Valeron, I mean, where were you safe? And, and then, there were the lensmen, and the lenswoman. The stuff from which many dreams are made. With those stories I "VR'd" in as a life form clinging to a world with storms whose winds traveled faster than sound(see footnote).

After Asimov, Anderson, Clark, Clement, Herbert and so many others, the Niven-nova was discovered. What a difference 40 years makes. Ringworld! And, so the list grows, becomes too large to remember. Cherryh, Dickson, Laumer, Forward, Nagata, Goonan. . .

It's late as I gaze sleepily into the pure green mono-light of this LED. The light flowing from the almost infinite depths of its tinyness. From the edges of atoms the gentle green wells up. With no beginning, no end. Deeper and deeper I look, straining to see the start of the light.

Suddenly, the world spins. Down into the LED I fall. Down into the vast emptiness from which the light springs so strongly. I'm everywhere, and everywhen, giant and infinite. Now, it's late as I gaze sleepily into. . .

The flat digitally generated art was done in 1987 on a Commodore64 computer using Geos software. The 3D animation view of Instar and Exstar that is the SciFi footnote: Speed of sound at sea-level-norm, planet Earth, Sol Prime.

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Copyright (c) 1996 Lee Skidmore