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John Brunner

( 1934-1995 )

Published at 17 with the novel "Galactic Storm". From the UK, his first US publication (1953) was the story, "Thou Good And Faithful" under the name of John Loxmith in Astounding Science Fiction magazine. Other names he used are Kilian Houston Brunner, Trevor Staines and Ken Woodcott.

"British Author John Brunner, in Glasgow Scotland for the 53rd World Science Fiction Convention (Intersection) suffered a massive stroke and passed away Friday, 25 August, 1995."
-- Kurt C.Siegel Deputy Vice Chair, North America Intersection

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Total Eclipse

September 1975 first printing (paperback-DAW #162), cover by Christopher Foss, very good condition.


Born Under Mars

1967 first printing, paperback, good condition, light crease in cover, a bit worn around the edges.


another copy: paperback, very good+


Give Warning to the World

July 1974 first printing, paperback, very good condition, one small 1/4" scraped spot on top left corner of cover, light crease along spine.


Web of Everywhere

June 1974 first edition, paperback, good condition, bookseller stamp on flyleaf.


The Evil That Men Do(by John Brunner) and The Purloined Planet(by Lin Carter)

May 1969 1st Printing paperback, good


another copy: March 1975 printing, paperback, good+


The Stardroppers

September 1972 3rd printing, paperback, very good condition.



July 1969 first printing, good condition.


To Conquer Chaos

1964 first printing(Dell #0356), paperback, near fine condition.


The Avengers of Carrig

October 1969 first printing (paperback), fair condition

expanded story originally published in 1962 as "Secret Agent of Terra"


The World Swappers

ACE paperback, good+


More Things in Heaven

Nov. 1973 1st Printing, paperback, good+, based on earlier story: "The Astronauts Must Not Land" 1962


The Whole Man

August 1973 3rd U.S. Printing, paperback, good+ condition


The Sheep Look Up

sequel to Hugo winning story "Stand on Zanzibar"

November 1973 1st Printing, paperback, very good condition


The Jagged Orbit

Nov. 1972 2nd Printing, paperback, good


Children of Thunder

January 1989 1st Edition, paperback, fair+


Stand on Zanzibar

Sept. 1970 2nd Edition, paperback, good++


The Cruicible of Time

July 1984 1st Printing as Paperback, very good-


Shockwave Rider

March 1978 2nd Printing paperback, good



8th Printing paperback, very good


Other Books:

Galactic Storm-1951 first novel

Threshold of Eternity-1959

The Hundreth Millennium-1959

The World Swappers-1959

The Atlantic Abomination-1960 (Have you read Larry Niven's World of Ptavvs"?)

Sanctuary in the Sky-1960

Secret Agent of Terra-1962

Castaways' World-1963

The Rites of Ohe-1963

To Conquer Chaos-1964

The Whole Man-1964

The Repairmen of Cyclops-1965

Day of the Star Cities-1965

Out of Mind-1967-collection

Born Under Mars-1967

Not Before Time-1968-collection

Stand on Zanzibar-1968


The Evil That Men Do and The Purloined Planet by Lin Carter-1969

The Jagged Orbit-1972

The Stardroppers-1972

The Sheep Look Up-1973

More Things in Heaven-1973


Total Eclipse-1974

Interstellar Empire-1976-omnibus collection of early novels

Shockwave Rider-1976

The Cruicible of Time-1984

Children of Thunder-1989

Victims of the Nova-1989-collection of the three Zarathustra Refugee Planets novels: "Secret Agent of Terra"-1962, "Castaways' World"-1963, "The Repairmen of Cyclops"-1965

A Maze of Stars-1991-expanded rewrite of "Sanctuary in the Sky"-1960

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