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John W. Campbell, Jr.

( 1910-1971 )

A cornerstone of science fiction. Author of "Who Goes There?". "The Thing" is as classic as it's possible to get. Esteemed editor of Astounding Science Fiction. The magazine won six Hugos during his tenure. There are two science fiction awards that bear his name.

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The Planeteers/The Ultimate Weapon

Ace double-1966, fair+ condition


The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology

edited by John W. Campbell

December 1976 3rd printing, very good condition.


Star Streak

edited by Betty M. Owen

1979 Scholastic Press first paperback as collection of short stories by various authors. Contains the story "Who Goes There?". The story that became an early black-and-white SciFi movie classic as "The Thing". Good to very good condition


The Moon Is Hell

1951 First Edition, #2 of The Golden Science Fiction Library, good++.


The Space Beyond

June 1976 1st Printing paperback, collection of 3 previously unpublished novels, good, Titles: Marooned, All, The Space Beyond


Check Astounding and Analog magazines.

Other Books:

Who Goes There?-1952

Black Star Passes-1953

Counter Commandment

Invaders from the Infinite-1961

Islands of Space-1957

Mightiest Machine-1947

The Incredible Planet-1949 collection

Moon is Hell-1951 collection

The Ultimate Weapon/The Planeteers-1966

The Space Beyond-1976

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