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Conan the Barbarian

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Conan the Conqueror

#9 by RObert E Howard

11th paperback printing, very good


Conan the Rogue

by John Maddox Roberts

1991 1st edition, oversize paperback, fair+


Conan and the Sorcerer

by Andrew J. Offutt

1979 1st mass market paperback, near very good, illustrated by Maroto


Conan the Rebel

by Poul Anderson, cover by Boris

1981 2nd print, paperback, good-, crease in top corner of cover


Conan the Sword of Skelos

by Andrew J. Offutt, with illustrations

1979 1st printing, paperback, good with fold-out cover


Conan the Liberator

by DeCamp and Carter, cover by Larkin, with fold-out cover

1979 1st printing, paperback, good-


Conan the Defiant

by Steve Perry

1987 1st printing, oversize paperback, good


Conan the Conqueror

#9 by Robert E. Howard

11th paperback, very good+


Conan the Destroyer

Movie version paperback by Robert Jordan

July 1984 1st Edition, paperback, very good+, with movie photos and pic of 'Arnie' on the cover.


another copy: paperback, good



with Lin Carter and Robert E. Howard

Paperback, good-


Conan the Avenger

with Bjorn Nyberg and Robert E. Howard

1968 Paperback First as collection, fine, with Frank Frazetta cover.


Fantasy Books by Conan authors-not Conan adventures however, just thought they might be of interest...

The Carnelian Cube

with Fletcher Pratt

1967 First Printing paperback, good++


Lest Darkness Fall

Oct. 1975 2nd Printing, paperback, good


The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate

1968 first paperback, good-


The Fallible Fiend

February 1973 First Printing Paperback, very good to fine


another copy: February 1973 First Printing Paperback, fair


Tower of Zanid

1963 Airmont Books paperback first, good, with cover faded


The Hostage of Zir

book club hardcover, good


The Bones of Zora

with Catherine Crook De Camp

August 1984 ACE Paperback First, good+


The Wall of Serpents

with Fletcher Pratt

paperback, good


The Incomplete Enchanter

with Fletcher Pratt

1968 3rd paperback, very good


another copy: 1975 Book Club Hardcover, good+


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