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2036~~Space-based mega-corp clan introduces photonic Eyewear and Earware implants.

2037~~The adopts the's Electronic Rights amendments to the's Bill of Rights

2038~~First Un-insured Zones are created. The MidNorAmHemi Tornado Waste, and the Global Flood Waste Zones are declared.

2039~~The first of the Mega-Corp Clans declares the independence of it's Orbital Domain from influence, taxation, and control.

The Earth has been supporting it's negative economy with enormous taxes on the space-based mega-corps. For a long time, the powerful mega-corps had several glaring weaknesses. Dependence on the planet below for water, air, and food. Now, the first orbital domain had reached a point of self-sufficiency that it dared the wrath of the World TelCo. And, to rely on the abilities of it's smugglers and privateers to get it what it must have to survive.

2041~~The World TelCo drops all pretense, and establishes the Divi.Dole

The is now the The shareholder plan is declared, creating the dividend dole. Public common stock shares in the World TelCo are distributed to the seventy-percent of the world population that is unemployed. The World TelCo collects revenue by controlling all the data that flows on the Earthnet, as well as between the Earthnet and the Spacenet.

2049~~The Kid's Net War is started, fought, and won, in five-hundred and twelve nanoseconds.

The digi.god has given the world to the meek. The Kid's Net War emancipates anyone over the age of thirteen. They are given shareholder rights to TelCo common stock. Momware and Popware had weakened the family, and the youth needed it no longer. The Kid's Net War and the divi.dole set them free. But, the kids had a much higher purpose hidden in their demands. They are given all control over what is left of the world's Greens. The quasi-military organization of the Angels is created and enforced by the kids. The kids now police and protect what greenlife is left.

2050~~Light+ waves are discovered

2051~~The final Electronic Amendment to the World Bill of Rights creates the Public Persona.

Public Personas are now provided as a guarenteed right when outside of one's homenet. Eyeware and earware implants become mandatory as a result. The Fibersuit also becomes mandatory wear outside the homenet. And, for many on the Divi.Dole it is their only wear. Visual and audio equality becomes a defined and guaranteed right. When in the domains of the

2065~~Prophetware becomes portable.

2072~~Light+ wave receiver is built.

Giant listening energies capable of detecting intelligently modulated Light+ waves are swept across the heavens from giant installations on the moon. The mega-corps began listening to the Light+ transmissions from the Eridians, as did the TelCo's agents.


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