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2005~~Semiconductor Inks for making Integrated Circuits are developed.

IC's can be created as easily as are images and words by simply printing them. Powered by light, radio or microwaves they allow for literally everything to be 'chipped into the net.' ICs can now be made edible. Even a french fry can be part of the data stream. Feedback to corporations and governments on personal habits reaches a plateau of near omnicience.

Above originally posted in 1996, as of 2003, researchers have altered a standard inkjet printer to print with inks they developed and have created a functioning transistor, diode and resistor circuit by printing on paper. These three components could then be used to construct a computer. How long until edible? Maybe I've guessed kind-of-close again, read on...

2031~~The Recycle Chip is invented.

The world is awash in consumers. Energy to mine, grow, and recycle has become too costly. Inflation is runaway. But, the Messia Chip--as the recycle chip is dubbed by the newsnets--appears. Anything that can be ground up, liguified or vaporized can be fed to this molecular manipulating marvel. However, it takes an awful lot of the chips to make even a gram of clean elements. A solar-powered Messia Chip Recycling Plant has fifty acres of chip surface area. Factories are built to make factories that make the chips. The first recycling plant is built in the African Sahara in northern Tchad, while literally under fire from fringe groups stirred up by the massive embeded interests in power production, mining and manufacturing.

2031~~Structural 'Air Gels' are first mass produced.

'Air Gels', those almost transparent whisps of stabilized bubbles that graced the TV science mags in the late Twen Cen are grown to enormous proportions in the orbiting factories of the space based mega-corps. For years 'air gel' have been used for almost perfect insulation, soundproofing, and solid-state batteries that are all lighter than air--evacuated or light gas substituted 'air' gel. Now, in 2011, extremely thin, but incredibly strong skins have been bonded to surfaces of shaped 'air gels' so perfectly that a very strong laminate is created. Strong enough to be the load-bearing frame of a space shuttle, plane, vehicle, or building--earth-bound or floating in orbit. Almost overnight tourist-priced travel into orbit is possible. Thousand story buildings are built. 'Airgels' are used to make radiation-proof spacesuits, habitats, and ships. All without massive, heavy, and expensive, metallic shielding. As the radiation strikes the multiple layers of the special semi-conducting and conducting 'airgels' in the skin of the spaceship, suit or habitat, it creates a current. The current creates a magnetic field that guides the radiation away from the living areas.

2033~~Logic and Servo 'Air Gels' are introduced.

Bubble by bubble control is achieved over the previously completely random generation of an 'air gel' foam is achieved in zero gravity. Complex logic circuitry can be directly fabricated in a structural 'air gel'. The foam of an 'air gel' can be specialized as to an electronic function bubble by bubble. Individual bubbles are made to expand and contract with changes in electrical charge. 'Air gels' can be expanded, contracted, or changed in shape. Other bubbles generate electrical changes when flexed, providing feedback and input. The first crude Stormboards are produced.

2034~~The is created. USA et al are reduced to sub.govs.

2035~~The beginning of the Photon Tech era.

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Copyright (c) 1996 Lee Skidmore