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Zenna Henderson

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Books For Sale:

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Pilgrimage: The Book of the People

paperback, good


another copy: Jan. 1967 3rd Printing paperback, good+


The People: No Different Flesh

May 1968 First Paperback Printing, good+


Holding Wonder

5th Paperback Printing, good+


another copy: Jan 1973 3rd printing paperback, good+


The Anything Box

first published paperback as collection Feb. 1969, hardcover 1965

3rd Printing paperback as collection, very good+, Stories: published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: "The Anything Box" 1956, "Subcommitte" 1962, "Food to All Flesh" 1954, "Come On, Wagon!" 1951, "Walking Aunt Daid" 1955, "Things" 1960, "Turn the Page" 1957, "And a Little Child" 1959, "The Last Step" 1957, published in Galaxy Magazine: "Something Bright" 1959, published in Beyond Science Fiction: "Hush!" 1953, published in Imagination: "The Substitute" 1953, "Stevie and the Dark" 1952, "The Grunder" 1953

$5.00-sold, no longer available.

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