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1~~~Lee Skidmore's Homepage~~~1


2~~~Welcome to Future.Novel~~~2

A growing excerpt that's filled with the intrigue of a solar system wide struggle for control of LIGHT+ and GodChip tech.

Storm-boarding hero, Eller Dumaurier, Phara Encore, OBee, the self-aware-ware software entity Govy, and the Angel Florie of the Upper Peninsula Green are caught between the hot iron pincers of the Space based mega-corp clans, and the Earth controlling World TelCo.

Book.Cover for the Future.Novel: 'Lev.UP'

'Lev.UP' the future.novel, dedication page

'Lev.UP' the future.novel, chapter 1, page 1

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3~~~ Welcome to Future.Map ~~~3

Future.Map page 2

Future.Atlas page 1


4~~~ Welcome to Future.Tech ~~~4

Future.Tech page 2


5~~~ Welcome to Tech.Picts ~~~5

Eyeware and Earware

Semiconductor Inks



Electronic Rights Amendments

Uninsured Zones

Tornado Waste

Atlantic Coast Flood Waste



Recycle Chip

Safesmoke Vaporstick


Structural 'Air Gels'

Public Persona

'Air Gel' Airplane

Logic and Servo 'Air Gels'

World.gov and .sub.gov

Photon Tech

Mega-Corp Clans

Orbital Domain


Kid's Net War





6~~~Welcome to Future.Art~~~6

Future.Art, page 2: Science Fiction Inspired Art Ancient Light 1 a Hi-Res Picture

Future.Art, page 2a: Description of Science Fiction Inspired Art

Future.Art, page 3: Science Fiction Inspired Art Ancient Light 2 a Hi-Res Picture

Future.Art, page 3a: Description of Science Fiction Inspired Art

Future.Art, page 4: Tech Inspired Art E-Chess Set a Hi-Res Picture

Future.Art, page 4a: Description of Tech Inspired Art

Future.Art, page 4b: Description of Tech Inspired Art

Future.Art, page 5: Science Inspired Art Asteroid 000 a Hi-Res Picture

Future.Art, page 5a: Description of Science Inspired Art


7~~~Welcome to Past.Stuff~~~7

Where to find science fiction books, magazines, artworks, musings, and more.


8~~~Welcome to Future.Short.Story~~~8

Future.Short.Story page 1

Future.Short.Story page 2

Future.Short.Story page 3

Future.Short.Story page 4

Future.Short.Story page 5

Future.Short.Story page 6

Future.Short.Story page 7

Future.Short.Story page 8

Future.Short.Story page 9

Future.Short.Story page 10

Future.Short.Story page 11

Future.Short.Story page 12

Future.Short.Story page 13

Future.Short.Story page 14

Future.Short.Story page 15

Future.Short.Story page 16

Future.Short.Story page 17

Future.Short.Story page 18


9~~~Welcome to Future.Poem~~~9

Wrong End UP

.Little.Kid,, .Little.Kid,, Dream a Dot Dream..




11~~~Message 1~~~11


12~~~Make your own Stormboard?!~~~12

Top of Stormboard

Bottom of Stormboard



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0~~~Lee Skidmore Info~~~0

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