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Damon Knight

(1922 - 2002)

A great loss to the SciFi world occurred in April of 2002 as Damon Knight passed away.

"To Serve Man" is one of Damon Knight's more famous short stories, made widely known due to its rendering by television.

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Off Center

1965 paperback 1st printing as collection, very good, Stories: What Rough Beast-1958, The Second Class Citizen-1963, Be My Guest-1958, God's Nose-1964, Catch That Martian-1952


Beyond the Barrier

February 1970 2nd printing paperback, very good


Three Novels

June 1969 paperback first printing as collection, very good-, Stories: Rule Golden-1954, Natural State-1951, The Dying Man-1957


Hell's Pavement

May 1971 Printing paperback, good+(First Chapter appeared in Astounding Science Fiction-1951)


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