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Henry Kuttner

(1915 - 1958)

AKA: Lawrence O'Donnell

Married C.L. Moore in 1940.

Books For Sale:

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paperback, good+


Doomsday Morning

Avon paperback, very good


Earth's Last Citadel

with C.L. Moore

paperback, good+


The Time Axis

ACE #F-356 paperback, good-


The Dark World

ACE #F327 paperback, good+


The Well of the Worlds

ACE #F344 paperback, good-


The Creature from Beyond Infinity

paperback, good


The Mask of Circe

ACE #52075 paperback, very good


The Best of Henry Kuttner

Stories: "Mimsy Were The Borogoves" 1955 Astounding, "Two-Handed Engine" 1955 The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Proud Robot" 1943 Astounding, "The Misguided Halo" 1939 Unknown, "The Voice of the Lobster" 1950 Thrilling Wonder Stories, "Exit the Professor" 1947 Thrilling Wonder Stories, "The Twonky" 1942 Astounding, "A Gnome There Was" 1941 Unknown, "The Big Night" 1947 Thrilling Wonder Stories, "Nothing But Gingerbread Left" 1943 Astounding, "The Iron Standard" 1943 Astounding, "Cold War" 1949 Thrilling Wonder, "Or Else" 1953 Amazing, "Endowment Policy" 1943 Astounding, "Housing Problem" 1944 Charm, "What You Need" 1945 Astounding, "Absalom" 1946 Startling Stories

SF Book Club hardcover good with good dust jacket


another copy: SF Book Club hardcover, very good with very good dust jacket

another copy: fair+, paperback


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