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    Eller was the only Stormer who had fought his way up from being just another public 
stockholder on the World TelCo's dividend dole. Child of flooded-out, uninsured 
Atlantic Coasters relocated to the NorMidAm Sprawl, because the Richie Riches held all 
the options on what was left of the mid-Atlantic coast. 
    Eller was too revved up to sit there and take it. Not from some 'Crete cop with a hard 
on. And, he knew that the ball-busting cop wanted him that way.
    Eller jumped up, full Storm rig on display.  A low-res replica of the cop icon 
appeared, but upside down, in a sickening shade of yellow. Eller shouted, real.voice 
"Yeah, I'm not some Richie Rich able to go spilling shares every time I need 
  "Or someone," subbed Eller, as if wishing to commit suicide, to the cop. 
    The muscle-amped-fibersuit-covered arm of the cop descended. It set Eller back down 
hard. Luckily for Eller the cop's medware monitoring kept the force just short of spine 
crushing. The icon insult vanished, as if blown away by the shock waves from Eller's 
sudden re-acquaintance with the bar stool.
    Max.lev audio with reverb shook Eller's still vibrating bones as the cop said, " you 
and I are already getting along like old friends. Chums to the end, I'm going to sit here, 
and let you bore me to death with your life's history."
    "And I'll take over in the morning, just so you won't get lonely," added the other Big 
Blue, who gave Eller a good hard slap on the back as she powered past, heading in the 
direction of Eller's cache.
    "Not here you won't," Phara said to the burley blue. "And, Eller can't go flicking off 
without me, because we were just getting ready to leave when you had your scrillion 
sector call-out." 
    Eller struggled to hide his start of surprise. To keep it from being echoed in his VR 
persona. "I never would have figured. . ." thought Eller, as he kept good and quiet.
    "You two joined at the hips? That's the only way you could alibi Dumaurier," said the 
cop overlooking the fact that his attempt to glitch Phara hadn't worked. 
    As Eller started to sub a hot reply to the overhanging cop, his govware spun some 
fibware. It sneaked into the barnet. It slipped the fib.filter in so that it could process 
Eller's audio before it was sent on to the copnet. 
    "What alibi? For what? What'd I do?" said Eller as he passed the stress test he didn't 
even know about. The cops were out running the dogware, but the bite of the govware 
was worse than their bark.
The foraging fuzz burst from the green curtain as she left the scene of Eller's intimacy in 
the meadow. She had come back so quickly that it scared him. Little lumps riding on his 
kidneys dumped bod-chems that flared his nostrils.
Eller's mind if, if, if'd into near panic again. Headache night. With, govware working 
overtime keeping Eller's medware unaware, reporting norms-for-interview innocent-
    But, it was no problem as the big fem sailed past, full blown scary, but on the ebb. 
The TelCo Rep seeming silently surfing along behind, as if riding her nearly tangible 

Lev.DN......Index......Mail.....................Lev.UP, page 14.....(c) 2005 Lee Skidmore..................................Lev.UP