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Barry B. Longyear

( - )

Author of the Hugo and Nebula Award winning story "Enemy Mine".

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Circus World

1982 1st British Edition paperback as collection, good, Stories: The Tryouts-1978, The Magician's Apprentice-1978, The Second Law-1978, Proud Rider-1978, Dueling Clowns-1979, The Quest-1979, Priest of the Baraboo-1979, book has 'outrageous' cover art without any artist credit.


another copy: Jan. 1981 Berkley Printing paperback, good+


It Came from Schenectady

May 1986 1st printing paperback as collection, good+, Stories: Collector's Item, Dreams, The House of It, The Initiation, The Protrait of Baron Negay, SHAWNA Ltd., A Time For Terror, The Homecoming, Twist Ending, Catch the Sun, Adagio, Where do You get Your Ideas?


The Tomorrow Testament

The war that started in the Hugo and Nebula Award winning story "Enemy Mine" continues.

Dec. 1983 1st Printing paperback, very good- condition


City of Baraboo

Parts of story were in Issac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine and Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine. Part of the Circus World.

August 1981 1st Printing paperback, very good



Manifest Destiny

May 1980 1st Printing of new and previously published connected works collected into Novel, good condition, Parts previously published: "The Jaren" written as by Frederick Longbeard Fall 1979 issue of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, "Enemy Mine" Sept. 1979 in Isaac Asimov's, "Savage Planet" Feb. 1980 Analog.


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