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Richard Allen Lupoff

(1935- )

With his wife, he edited the fan magazine Xero. It won a Hugo Award in 1963. Published short stories using the name Ova Hamlet(See Fantastic Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories magazine.). Also used the name Addison E. Steele.

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One Million Centuries

1967 first printing paperback, good


The Triune Man

1976 Berkley Putnam hardcover with dust jacket, good condition


Galaxy's End

August 1988, First Edition, paperback, good+ condition



May 1976, First Printing, paperback, good+ condition


The Crack in the Sky

Feb. 1976, First Printing, paperback, good condition


Other Books:

One Million Centuries-1967

Sacred Locomotive Flies-1971

Space War Blues-1978

Sword of the Demon-1977

The Triune Man-1976

The Crack in the Sky-1976(as: Fool's Hill-1978 in England)


Lisa Kane-1976).

Circumpolar! -1984

Countersolar! -1986

Sun's End -1984

Galaxy's End -1988

Into the Aether -1974

The Return of Skull-Face-1977 with Robert E. Howard

Nebogipfel at the End of Time (1979 chap

Stroka Prospekt (1982 chap

The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick -1986

Lovecraft's Book-1985

The Forever City-1988

The Comic Book Killer-1988

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