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Anne McCaffrey

(1926- )

Her first novel is Restoree. The short novel "Dragon Rider" in Analog Magazine-1967 won the 1968 Nebula Award, and the story, "Weyr Search" is also found in Analog Magazine-1967, and it won the 1968 Hugo Award.

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with Elizabeth Moon, March 1990 First Printing, paperback, good+ condition, cover by Stephen Hickman


another copy: March 1990, good+


Dec. 1992 5th Printing paperback, good



December 1985 Del Ray First Edition Hardcover, excellent condition as new, cover painting by Michael Whelan


another copy: December 1985 Del Ray First Edition Hardcover, excellent


The Rowan

1990 ACE/Putnam First Hardcover, very good+, cover picture by Romas


Damia's Children

1993 ACE/Putnam First Hardcover, SIGNED, very good+, cover picture by Romas


Powers That Be

with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, July 1993 Del Ray First Edition Hardcover, used in excellent condition as new, but has stamp from bookstore on flyleaf, cover picture by Rowena



Story is from the story titled, "Dragon Rider"(1968 Nebula Award) in Analog Magazine-1967, and the story, "Weyr Search"(1968 Hugo Award) also found in Analog Magazine-1967.

July 1968 First Printing, paperback, good-


another copy: Oct. 1979 15th paperback, good


another copy: paperback, fair


another copy: paperback, good-


another copy: paperback, good



September 1967 First Printing, paperback, good+, This is her FIRST novel.



February 1993 First paperback, good-, cover by Romas


The Coelura

October 1989 First paperback, good+, cover and illustrations by Ned Dameron


another copy: October 1989 First paperback, good-


Nerilka's Story

12th printing, paperback size hardcover, very good+, cover and illustrations by Edwin Herder


another copy, 7th printing, paperback, very good, but cover marked

$2.00--sold, please check back later.


August 1979 5th printing paperback, good/bent cover, cover by Elizabeth Malczynski


another copy: paperback, good


The White Dragon

May 1979 Del Ray First Edition as paperback, very good+, cover by Michael Whelan


March 1982 11th paperback, good+, cover by Michael Whelan


another copy, May 1979 paperback, cover marked


another copy: May 1979 paperback, cover marked

$1.00--sold, please check back later.

another copy: July 1978 2nd Printing Hardcover, good+


All The Weyrs of Pern

December 1992 First printing as paperback, good, cover by Michael Whelan


December 1991 First Edition Hardcover, very good


December 1991 First Edition Hardcover, good


Dinosaur Planet

October 1984 8th printing paperback(first was June 1978), very good+, cover by Darrell K. Sweet


Dinosaur Planet Survivors

November 1984 First Edition paperback, very good, cover by Darrell K. Sweet



March 1992 First Printing, paperback, very good+, cover by Stephen Hickman


Decision at Doona

April 1969 First Edition, paperback, good--


another copy: April 1975 2nd Printing paperback, good


Pegasus in Flight

December 1990 First Edition Hardcover, very good


The Ship Who Sang

paperback, good+


Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern

Nov. 1983 1st Edition Hardcover, very good, small 1/2 inch tear in top edge of back panel dust jacket


another copy: Book Club Hardcover, good-no dust jacket


another copy: book club hardcover, good+

$5.00--sold, please check back

Get Off the Unicorn

As editor. Stories: McCaffrey-Lady in the Tower, McCaffrey-A Meeting of Minds, Ben Bova-Daughter, Roger Elwood-Dull Drums, no credit given-Weather on Welladay, George Hay-The Thorns of Barevi, no credit given-The Great Canine Chorus, no credit given-Finder's Keepers, McCaffrey-A Proper Santa Claus, no credit given-The Smallest Dragonboy, McCaffrey-Apple

June 1979 5th printing, good+


another copy: Oct. 1978 4th paperback, good


Freedom's Landing

1995 1st Edition Hardcover, very good+


another copy: Book Club Hardcover, very good, dust jacket has small tear at spine


The City Who Fought

with S.M. Stirling

Hardcover, book club?, very good+



Sept. 1989 1st Paperback, good+


another copy: 1988 Hardcover, book club, good+

$6.00--sold, please check back later.

The Ship Who Searched

with Mercedes Lackey

Book Club Hardcover, very good-no dust cover


another copy: August 1992 1st Edition, paperback very good


Black Horses for the King

Sept. 1997 1st Trade Paperback, oversize, very good-


The Dolphins of Pern

Oct. 1994 1st Edition Hardcover, very good condition


Oct. 1994 3rd Printing Hardcover, very good condition


The Harper Hall of Pern

Omnibus collecting: "Dragonsong", "Dragonsinger", "Dragondrums"

book club hardcover, good-no dust jacket


another copy: Book Club hardcover, good+, with lightly scuffed spine on dust jacket



Dec. 1977 10th paperback, good


another copy: Nov. 1980 15th paperback, good+


another copy: August 1982 20th paperback, very good


another copy: Sept. 1989 32nd paperback, good


The Dragonriders of Pern

Novels: "Dragonflight", "Dragonquest", "The White Dragon"

Book Club Omnibus, good+ with same dust jacket



2nd paperback, good+



May 1977 1st paperback, good+


Other Books:



Decision at Doona-1969

The City Who Sang-1969

The Ship Who Sang-1970


To Ride Pegasus-1973

A Time When: Being a Tale of Young Lord Jaxom, his White Dragon Ruth, and Various Fire-Lizards-1975


Dragonsinger-1977, juvenile

The White Dragon-1978

The Dragonriders of Pern-1978, compilation of Dragonguest, and The White Dragon

Dinosaur Planet-1978

Get Off the Unicorn-1979, as editior and contributor to collection of shorts

Dragondrums-1979, juvenile

The Harper Hall of Pern-1979, juvenile compilation of Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums

The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey-1981 compilation of Restoree, The City Who Fought, and The Ship Who Won

Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern-1983

The Coelura-1983

Dinosaur Planet Survivors-1984

The Ireta Adventure-1985 compilation of Dinosaur Planet, and Dinosaur Planet Survivors


Nerilka's Story-1986

Nerilka's Story & The Coelura-1987


The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern-1989, with Jody Lynn Nye

The Renegades of Pern-1989

Pegasus in Flight-1990

Sassinak-1990 with Elizabeth Moon

The Death of Sleep-1990 with Jody Lynn Nye

The Rowan-1990

Generation Warriors-1991 with Elizabeth Moon

Wings of Pegasus-1991 compilation of To Ride Pegasus, and Pegasus in Flight

All the Weyrs of Pern-1991

Dragonflight-1991 as a graphic novel


Crisis on Doona-1992 with Jody Lynn Nye

Crystal Line-1992

PartnerShip-1992 with Margaret Ball

The Ship who Searched-1992 with Mercedes Lackey

Powers That Be-1993 with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Treaty Planet-1993(as Treaty at Doona-1994 USA) with Jody Lynn Nye

The City Who Fought-1993 with with S.M. Stirling

The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall-1993 collection

Planet Pirates-1993 compilation of Sassinak, The Death of Sleep, and Generation Warriors

The Girl Who Heard Dragons-1994 collection

The Dolphin's Bell-1994

Lyon's Pride-1994

Damia's Children-1994

The Dolphins of Pern-1994

Power Lines-1994 with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

The Ship Who Won-1994 with Jody Lynn Nye

Freedom's Landing-1995

Black Horses for the King-1997


Edited by Anne McCaffrey:

Alchemy & Academe-1970 anthology

Cooking Out of This World-1973 collection of recipes from other writers(The SciFiArchive will buy a copy if you have one.)


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