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Michael Moorcock

( 1939- )

Books For Sale:

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The Silver Warriors

August 1977 1st Printing, paperback, very good+, with Frank Frazetta cover art.


another copy: paperback 2nd printing, fair, cover marked


The Sailor on the Sea of Fate

10th Printing paperback, fair


The Bull and the Spear

Feb. 1974 1st Printing, paperback, fine-near new condition


Lord of the Spiders or Blades of Mars

Feb, 1979 1st DAW(#326) Printing, paperback, good+


paperback, good+


The Hollow Lands, Volume Two of the Trilogy: "The Dancers at the End of Time"

book club Hardcover, title page marked, no dust jacket


The Vanishing Tower

1981 Arcival Press Boxed Limited Collector's Edition Signed Hardcover 1st US, Signed on title page by both author and Michael Whelan, also inscribed on flyleaf by author. Complete unedited text, extra-fine condition.


The Elric Saga, Part I

collects "Elric of Melnibone", "The Sailor on the Seas of Fate", "The Weird of the White Wolf"

March 1984 Book Club Hardcover, extra-fine condition, Signed by Author on title page at Dragon Con '94 in Atlanta, Ga.

$20.00-sold, no longer available

The Elric Saga. Part II

collects "The Vanishing", "Bane of the Black Sword", "Stormbringer"

July 1984 Book Club Hardcover, extra-fine condition, Signed by the Author on the title page at Dragon Con '94

$20.00-sold, no longer available

The Swords Trilogy

Omnibus collecting 3 novels: "The King of the Swords", "The Queen of the Swords", "The Knight of the Swords"

paperback, good


The Chronicles of Corum

Omnibus collecting 3 novels: "The Bull and the Spear", "The Oak and the Ram", "The Sword and the Stallion"

paperback, good-, covers bent


The Quest for Tanelorn

Vol. 3 in the Chronicles of Count Brass

Dec. 1976 1st US paperback, fair+



paperback, fair-


Sword of the Dawn

paperback, good


The Ice Schooner

paperback, good


The Final Programme

March 1968 1st printing paperback, good


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