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12 Monkeys

By Elizabeth Hand

Dec. 1995 1st Printing Paperback, very good, as new


Alien 3

The Screenplay Novelization

by Alan Dean Foster

June 1992 First Printing, paperback, very good condition


Back to the Future, Part II

Nov. 1989 1st Printing, paperback, good+


Blade Runner

actually the movie was based on the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick

May 1982 movie edition paperback, with color pictures, good--



by Wayland Drew

paperback, good+


The Fifth Element

by Terry Bisson

paperback, very good-


Flash Gordon

by Arthur Byron. Cover based on the 1980 movie.

Dec. 1980 1st printing paperback, fair-, with 8 pages of color pictures



by George Gipe after the screenplay by Chris Columbus

June 1984 Avon First Paperback, good, with pictures from the film.


Gremlins 2, The New Batch

June 1990 1st Printing, paperback, good-


Howard the Duck

by Ellis Weiner

August 1986 1st printing paperback, good


Independence Day

by Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich, Stephan Molstad

July 1996 1st Printing paperback, good++, with pictures.


Johnny Mnemonic

The Screenplay Novelization based on the short story by William Gibson.

by Terry Bisson

June 1995 First Printing, paperback, very good condition


The Last Starfighter

by Alan Dean Foster

June 1984 paperback 1st, good+


Logan's Run

by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson

March 1969 1st Printing Paperback, very good- condition


another copy: May 1976 1st printing Movie paperback, good+, with color pictures.


Mars Attacks!

by Jonathan Gems

Dec. 1996 paperback 1st, good+



by Alan Dean Foster

March 1981 1st Edition, paperback, good+, with pictures from the movie


Robocop 2

by Ed Naha

June 1990 1st printing paperback, good


another copy: June 1990 1st printing paperback, good-


Robot Jox

by Robert Thurston

April 1989 1st printing paperback, good


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

by Randall Frakes

July 1991 1st Printing, paperback, good+


another copy: paperback



by Brian Daley

June 1982 1st Edition, paperback, good-


Twilight Zone: The Movie

by Robert Bloch

July 1983 1st paperback, with B&W pictures, good+


The Making of Superman the Movie

by David Michael Petrou

paperback with 16 pages of photos, cover marked



by Rob MacGregor

Sept. 1997 1st Printing, paperback, very good



by Wayland Drew

Feb. 1988 1st Printing, paperback, good+



by Craig Shaw Gardner

5th paperback, good



by Steve Perry

Aug. 1994 1st Printing, paperback, very good


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