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Alan E. Nourse

(1928 - 1992)

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Tiger by the Tail

1964 First Printing Paperback, good, Stories: Tiger by the Tail/ Nightmare Brother/ PRoblem/ The Coffin Cure/ Brightside Crossing/ The Native Soil/ Love Thy Vimp/ Letter of the Law/ Family Resemblance


another copy: 1964 1st paperback, good-


The Counterfeit Man

Nov. 1973 2nd printing, good, Stories: The Counterfeit Man, The Canvas Bag, An Ounce of Cure, The Dark Door, Meeting of the Board, Circus, My Friend Bobby, The Link, Image of the Gods, The Expert Touch, Second Sight.


another copy: Oct. 1967 1st paperback printing, good


Psi High and Others

1967 1st Printing collection, paperback, good-, Stories: The Martyr, Psi High, Mirror, Mirror


another copy-ex libris book club-only checked out 6 times, otherwise very good,


The Mercy Men

Book Club Hardcover, shorter version originally printed by ACE-1955 with the title "A Man Obsessed", very good-


another copy: June 1984 paperback of the 1955 copyright, good+


Raiders from the Rings

Nov. 1963 1st Printing as paperback, fair


Trouble on Titan

Dec. 1986 paperback of the 1954 copyright, good++


Books By Alan E. Nourse:

Listed here are only his science fiction works.

The Universe Between 1951

Nightmare Brother 1953

Trouble on Titan 1954

A Man Obsessed 1955 ( revised as The Mercy Men 1968)

The Expert Touch 1955

Rocket to Limbo 1957

The Invaders are Coming! 1959 with J. A. Meyer

Scavengers in Space 1959

Star Surgeon 1960

Tiger by the Tail 1961 (as Beyond Infinity 1964 in the UK)

Raiders from the Rings 1962

The Counterfeit Man and others 1963

PSI High and Others 1967

Rx for Tomorrow 1971

The Bladerunner 1974 (adapted for film by William S. Burroughs, titled "Blade Runner")

The Fourth Horseman 1983

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