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Future.Art, page 3a

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Description of Ancient Light 2

Prices, ordering or commissioning instructions

The Ancient Light Series is an attempt to evoke a sense of great decay.
One might be protectively cloistered around the last dying glimmer of a
civilization advanced beyond the limits of Temporal Endurance.

A framework constructed of half-inch welded wire mesh supports a skin
of fiberglass screen. A light consisting of a piece of stained glass is 
inserted into the welded wire frame. Paper pulp is then poured over
the screen. Then, the paper is repeatedly airbrushed with watercolors.

As the pulp is not pressed, and  due to the way the pulp is applied
to the screen it shrinks and wrinkles while developing thick and thin
areas. The effect is to give a great variety of texture to the surface.
Another piece using this effect to a elicit a totally different textural
sensation is a work I call Asteroid 000. 

In effect, the piece is a single sheet of custom-made paper
left on its custom-made mold. 
  One piece in the series has small colored lights that gently twinkle from
behind the light as well as through the 'time worn places' in the remnants
of its structure.     

(c)1993Lee Skidmore

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Copyright (c) 1996 Lee Skidmore