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Future.Art, page 4b

Description of E-Chess Set

Prices, ordering or commissioning instructions

The parts that make up each individual piece of the E-Chess set were 
chosen to reflect the 'personalities' of the pieces.  

The all electronic chess set is completely analog operated.

It was created from the following equipment:

four(4) VHS Video Cassette Recorders
four(4) Ultra-Wide Band Scanning Radio Recievers
two(2) VHS Video Cameras
four(4) Compact Disc Players
two(2) Radio Controlled Model Cars
two(2) Answering Machines
four(4) Handheld Marine Band Radios
And, fourty-eight(48) small speakers.

The board was created from sixty-four(64) three-point-five(3.5) inch floppies.

(c)1993Lee Skidmore

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Copyright (c) 1996 Lee Skidmore