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Robert Sheckley

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If At Faust You Don't Succeed

with Roger Zelazny

March 1993 First Edition, trade paperback



Jan. 1967 1st paperback, good


another copy: Book Club Hardcover, good

$5.00--has been sold, please check back later

Pilgrimage to Earth

August 1978 paperback printing, collection, good, Stories: Pilgrimage to Earth(Playboy 1956), Disposal Service(Bluebook 1955), Fear in the Night(Today's Woman 1952), Earth, Air, Fire, and Water(Astounding 1955), The Academy(IF 1954), Milk Run(Galaxy 1954), The Lifeboat Mutiny(Galaxy 1955), Deadhead(Galaxy 1955), The Body(Galaxy 1955), Trap(Galaxy 1955), Protection(Galaxy 1956), Bad Medicine(Galaxy 1956), Human Man's Burden(Galaxy 1956), Early Model(Galaxy 1956), All the Things You Are(Galaxy 1956)

$4.00--has been sold, please check back.

Untouched by Human Hands

Dec. 1967 paperback, collection, good+, Stories: Beside Still Waters(Amazing 1953), The Altar(Fantastic 1953), The Impacted Man(Astounding 1952), Ritual(as "Strange Ritual" in Climax 1953), The Demons(Fantasy 1953), The Monsters(The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1953), The King's Wishes(The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1953), Cost of Living(Galaxy 1952), Seventh Victim(Galaxy 1953), Specialist(Galaxy 1953), Warm(Galaxy 1953), Shape(as "Keep Your Shape in Galaxy 1953), Untouched by Human Hands(as "One Man's Poison in Galaxy 1953),

$4.00--has been sold, please check back.

The Status Civilization

(originally as "Omega" in Amazing 1960)

Oct. 1968 Dell paperback, good-

$4.00-sold, please send want list

Journey Beyond Tomorrow

(originally as shorter version titled "Journey of the Joenes" in Fantasy and Science Fiction 1962)

Feb. 1969 Dell paperback, good


another copy: as above, good-


Shards of Space

Feb. 1971 2nd paperback(was 1st in July 1962), good-, with marked cover, Stories: Alone at Last(Infinity 1956), Fool's Mate(Astounding March 1953), Forever(Galaxy 1953), The Girls and Nugent Miller(Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction March 1960), Meeting of the Minds(Galaxy Feb. 1960), Potiential(Astounding Nov. 1953), Prospector's Special(Galaxy Dec. 1959), The Slow Season(The Mag. of F. and S.F. Oct. 1954), The Special Exhibit(Esquire Oct. 1953), Subsistence Level(Galaxy Aug. 1954), The Sweeper of Loray(Galaxy 1959)

$2.00--has been sold, please check back.

Dimension of Miracles

May 1979 ACE paperback(1st was June 1968), good+


June 1968 First Printing, paperback, good


Citizen in Space

Dec. 1978 paperback collection, good+, Stories: Hands Off(Galaxy 1954), Something for Nothing(Galaxy 1954), A Thief in Time(Galaxy 1954), Skulking Permit(Galaxy 1954), Hunting Problem(Galaxy 1955), A Ticket to Tranai(Galaxy 1955), The Luckiest Man in the Universe(as "The Fortunate Person" in Fantastic Universe 1954), The Accountant(The Mag. of F. and S.F. 1954), The Battle(IF 1954), Citizen in Space(as "Spy Story" in Playboy 1955), Ask a Foolish Question(Science Fiction Stories 1953)

$4.00--sold, please check back

The 10th Victim

1979 paperback, good


Immortality, Inc.

1978 paperback, good+


The Robot Who Looked Like Me

Stories: The Robot Who Looked Like Me, Slaves of Time, Voices, A Supplicant in Space, "Zim Left Unguarded, the Jenghik Palace in Flames, John Westerly Died", Sneak Previews, Welcome to the Standard Nightmare, End City, The Never-Ending Western Movie, What is Life? I see a Man Sitting on a Chair, and the Chair is Biting his Leg, Id That What People Do?, Silversmith Wishes

1982 1st Printing paperback, good


Can you Feel Anything When I Do This?

Stories: "Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?", "Cordle to Onion to Carrot", "The Petrified World", "Game: First Schematic", "Doctor Zombie and His Furry Little Friends", "The Cruel Equations", "The Same to You Doubled", "Starting From Scratch", "The Mnemone", "Tripout", "Notes on the Perception of Imaginary Differences", "Down the Digestive Tract and into the Cosmos with Mantra, Trantra, and Specklebang", "Pas de Trois of the Chef and the Waiter, and the Customer", "Aspects of Langranak", "Plague Circuit", "Tailpipe to Disaster"

Daw #99 paperback, fair


another copy: Daw #99 1974 1st Printing, paperback, very good


Dimension of Miracles

June 1968 1st Edition, paperback, good



1988 1st Printing paperback, good


Store of Infinity

Stories: The Prize of Peril, The Humors, Triplification, The Minimum man, If the Red Slayer, The Store of the Worlds, The Gun Without a Bang, The Deaths of Ben Baxter

1970 2nd paperback print, good+


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