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Chapter One

The flesh colored blob that rested on the watermarked top of the bed stand came to life, running its cycle of audio vibrations again. The jangling sound it emitted finally broke through to its intended goal. A rustle of wrinkled bed clothes, mingled with a soft groan was heard by the blob's listening circuits. Just to be sure, it ran the alarm cycle again.

Johnny unglued a green eye that squeezed to a thin line to protect it against the bright streak of sun that blasted through the crack in the curtains. He squinted at the offensive palm comp, then lashed out with a loose fist. The ill conceived blow missed its mark, as his big mitt bounced off the hard table top. A quick learner, the complex collection of neural circuits got the message. The annoying noise stopped.

"What the. . ." grumbled Johnny as he pushed himself erect. The thin sheet pulled away from an auburn-topped lump that snored indelicately beside him. Pain pulsed at his temples, yet he smiled at the memories the exposed pink stimulated.

Johnny dragged his six feet of protesting body from the bed's tangle. Bloodshot sights set on the shower module, he shuffled through the soft piles on the heavily dressed carpet. Thickly muscled fingers tried gingerly to rub knife-edged boulders from his eyes. He blinked back gummy eyelids to see the holo display of the clock in Shary's Videomax recreation console. The clock's digits slapped his eyes wide.

"Seven twenty? How can it be seven twenty? I can't be twenty minutes late already," protested Johnny. His mumble rose to a yell as he walked back to the bed to shake the slender form. "Shary, Wake up. Come on, get up, will you." The only response to his actions was a sharp drawing of breath as Shary rolled away from his hand. "I don't get it. You're always up before me." He usually awoke to the sounds and smells of beans


Lev.DN.....Index.....Identity Crisis, page 2 (c)1996 Lee Skidmore.....Lev.UP