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Make your own flying Stormboard?!

Be sure to check out Future.Novel and Stormboards for more on Storming.

Please prepare to download a digital template for a flying model stormboard.

If you Lev.UP to the next page and print it out on your printer, then take the sheet out, flip it over and put it back into the printer and then Lev.UP to the next page and print the page, then you'll have both sides of the stormboard flying model ready to fold into a people-powered stormboard.

You may want to import the two pictures to a paint program:

A browser's file-print option may print out a much smaller version than intended.

Which is actually kind of neat, but requires trimming away the excess paper, and it's a lot harder to fold.

When you go to print your stormboard use the same piece of paper. Print the top then run the same piece of paper back through so that the bottom picture prints on the unused side. Be sure and keep the points of the trianges at the head of the paper.

After your stormboard is printed up, lay it down so that the side with the tornado is facing down. Fold in at the two lines labled 1, then fold each side in at the lines labled 2. Now, fold in half at the line labled three. To finish, fold the wings down at the line labled 4.

Added tech.improvements are encouraged. A small piece of tape across the top of the wings is ZeroK. Super Cool!

Yay! You're ready for fun. Make a whole fleet of stormboards in different sizes. Now, If I could just figure out how to download this miniature tornado I've got whizzing around in here. . .

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Copyright (c) 1996 Lee Skidmore