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Photon Tech

PhotonTech became any device that used transmitted or ambient light for its electrical power requirements and also used light to connect to the worldNet. Any and all area lighting panels on the planet from sidewalks to subways to skyscrapers and mudhuts were also 2-way lightwave-powered data links that interconnected everything on the planet that used light or electricity. Bio-digital, photonTech implants running selfAwareWare connected to their human hosts via the latest nerveware contained what many believed to be truely-living software entities that co-exisisted with their Human bioWare environment in a sort of pure-intellectual symbiosis. What started as a 'rage' among elitist philosophers would eventually become the norm with a softWare 'companion' being implanted at birth. And, there were then advocates of pre-birth implantion. The bioWearWare implants in ears and eyes of Eller's time were just the beginning of the human e-volution at the altar of the Digi-God.


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