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Eyeware and Earware


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In Eller's era all the light emitted on the planet carries data. It must, as the constant construction of what every person sees and hears, demands it.

Eller's, eyes and ears, as well as everyone else's on the planet, receive a constant, twenty-four hour, data photon flux. These same photons that power the Six-D eyeware-so named such for the six sides of the virtual or actual 'cube' used to reconstruct the three dimensions of the virtual visual and audio 'reality' that is as close as Eller, and everyone else, ever gets to seeing and hearing the real world when in the When at home in the, one could, if one was so abberant as to wish for such a boring thing as un-photon-data-assisted reality, actually turn off the data photon flux and view the actual real world. However, to be off-line, and not allowing the full access to your eye and ear wear when in the was a rehab offense-911 very no-fun downtime.

There are many benefits to this total virtual interface to reality. Such as total gender equality via the use by all of the personal.persona a 3D avatar data construct that allows anyone to control how they appear to anyone else when in the public.areas. A small man can become a huking giant to all outward appearences.

Or, more to the liking of the, total control over everything that can be seen and heard when their citizens are in the For more on this visit the Electronic Rights Amendments link, and read the excerpt from Lev.UP the future.novel.

Typical Eyeware Schematic Diagram

Excerpt from the Future.Novel: Lev.UP

Back in the Twen.Cen, a back room, low.lev, government economist wrote a memo to his section chief. A few hundred innocuous words that changed a world.

Simple words and numbers noting that with simple, cheap, ultra- reliable, electronic eye and ear implants, combined with the planet-spanning data nets-that were already in place throughout the world-most material possessions could be replaced by virtual reality. All facets of life-except food, shelter, and medical care provided for by the Pixel.

All the cosmetic treatments of society downloaded to mandatory VR eye and ear implants, as well as most of the entertainment.

Eyewear and Earwear made the nearly ninety-percent welfare state-created by silicone and servo-mechs economically survivable. Close to all the energy and resources 'wasted' in what had become an energy-intensive, over-consumptive, electronic entertainment-oriented world could be saved.

Two tiny pieces of photonic technology replaced thousands and thousands of consumer items and wants. From the new drapes your spouse loves, and you don't, to the stereo-tv entertainment complex in your car, home or office, all replaced by these two little implants creating them for you from the Almost 90 percent of the industrialization of the planet replaced by the Pixel. And, the Pixel was data, and the TelCo controlled the data flow.

Heck, with these wonders you don't have to put up with the drapes you don't like, just pixel them in as you like them. He or she won't know the difference, right? Added bonus, the earware can be used as filters. No more loud noises, ever, if you don't want. But, what we all forgot was: who's minding the Pixel Store. . .

Drunk, and amused, sharing a booth in a Washington bar, the myopic section chief related the memo to a far-sighted TelCo lobbyist.

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