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Tech.Picts page 13

Tornado Waste

Tornado alley had become a freeway. In the past, the old American Midwest saw one or two tornadoes a month during the tornado season. During Eller Dumaurier's time on earth the old American midwest had ten, twenty, sometimes fifty or more tornadoes each and every day. The Tornado Waste and the Atlantic Flood Waste were the first areas to be declared as Un-insured Zones.

The entire population of the Waste relocated to the Sub Bergs or 'Cretes ( see Future.Atlas ) or face loss of their Universal Insurance and their Divi.Dole.

The only good thing to come out of the Tornado Waste was the sport of Stormboarding (Also see Future.Novel for a stormboarding adventure story that starts in the SubBergs of the Chi' 'Crete and ends in the among the asteroids of the solar system).


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