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Atlantic Coast Flood Waste

Vast tracts of land lay exposed on the then snow and ice free Antarctic continent. Maps of the Artic showed only blue ocean. Greenland was indeed one of the last open-sky greens. Warmed oceans of air and water pumped more, and more energy into giant storm systems that roamed the swollen oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific.

The great coastal plains of the old American East Coast of the MidNorAmHemi were covered by wind-whipped white-capped blue waters.

The, by then, frequent hurricanes wreaked havoc deep into the continent de-nuded the tree-covered mountain slopes that would have in the past stopped the rare storm powerful enough to reach so far.

The mid-Atlantic coastal areas of the Carolinas became a featureless flood plain extending to the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Foothills became covered with 'Crete structures and mountains were honey-combed with tunnels to create the SubBergs to house and protect the displaced populations of what had once been the most densely populated areas of the Americas.

The largest of the 'Crete Sprawls became the Mid Am 'Crete. A huge, nearly two thousand mile long structure where Eller Dumaurier, one of main characters in the Future.Novel, became just another relocatee to the Chi'area of the Mid Am 'Crete. Relocated from what was once North Carolina's outer banks Eller Dumaurier became just another emancipated teenager living on the divi.dole in the Chi' 'crete-what had once been the beautiful lake-side city of Chicago in old America.


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