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Tech.Picts page 17

World TelCo

No one predicted it, and lived. Actually many did and lived and the TelCo knew it didn't matter.

The kidsNetWar bankrupted the world when the millisecond long bloodless coup of the world's algorithm-wielding children disrupted the dataFlow to completely dry up the world.Gov's incoming e-cash that was continuosly being redirected at the speed of tera-floppingly fast corpComputers to all the many projects, welfare funds, grants, payrolls, and others expenditures that comprised the many-leveled world.Gov. The money dried up and the Kids got to do away with their parents that day, and the TelCo inherited the rest.

World-wide Corporate.Government by computer-levied bizWare. Hence, the TelCo's welfare dividend or divi.dole for the unemployed masses who over the course of a few nanoseconds all became common.stock@min.lev shareholders in the World.TelCo.


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