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Kid's Net War

Is it always true that what is so hard for the previous generation to discover is so easy for the next generation to master? It was in 2039 that the children proved it to their parents in one nano-moment of hacking mastery. This was one time when the child saw the parent as the destructor, when the parent had inadvertently given the child the power to overcome the parent.

It was a true computer revolution, as it was a revolution in the most political sense made possible by the scientific revolution in electronics and computers. For decades parents had been silently asking for just such a thing to happen as the Kid's Net War, as they quietly withdrew from the job of rearing and interacting as role models for their children. First it was the television that became babysitter and role model. Then the very job of teaching the children about themselves, family, society and environment was given to the computer and the nearly human seeming software constructions. The parents removed themselves from their children's lives and were left wondering why their children didn't need them anymore.

It was on the trillionth-of-a-second flop of a computer's clock after midnight of New Year's Eve in 2039 EST old American time, that the war started. Just a few trillion flops after that, practically before the next second of the New Year started the Kid's Net War was over, concluded as the all powerful, and all controlling shut down which in turn shut down all the machines of their machine-based society.

The children had learned well from their new nano-tech MomE, and found they had no need for a bio-mommy. It was the children's superior insight into computers that enabled the hacking which led them to contact the self-aware ware prophetware software program owned by the controlling World.telco. It was this program that predicted for its newfound friends they would do just what they did on the dawn of 2039. The 'E-Prophet' told the children they had no need for parents after thirteen years of age if they could become emancipated and receive the same right to the divi.dole as their parents. But, just knowing you didn't need your parents was not what caused the war; it was the prediction that if you excluded man, all life, green, and green-dependant except insects and microbes would disappear from the planet if a major shift in politics was not instituted immediately.

It's not hard to remember back to the days of childhood when a trip to a zoo, out into the forest, or to the beach filled with the lively sound of the ocean and teaming with life was an awe inspiring, spiritual event. It's not hard to remember how jaded we were at 30, 40 or 50 years of age. The worries becoming simply what fish to eat now that the salmon was extinct, not that the seas were being fished to death. This thinking extends to more and more life factors as we age and the prophetware knew this, and it predicted the Earth Angels as well.

So, a billion kids hacked into a billion places in the at the same nano-sec, and shut the data flow off and everything stopped. It was dark, very, very dark, in the windowless tunnels of the planet-wide city 'cretes, and in a world of just-in-time inventory advanced to the 'nth degree where no one stored any food or drink in the home as nearly instant pneumatic delivery to any living quarters was the way of the world at the time of the Kid's Net War, the up-till-then world-controlling World.telco capitulated in less than one-tenth of an hour of emergency humanware and self-aware ware prophetware meetings. And, so, the Greens were created as well as their teen-aged tenders, the Angels of the Greens. And, all the kids became as adults in the eyes of the law and more importantly, in the eyes of those that controlled the divi.dole which made the kids 'self' supporting and supported the Angels of the Greens.


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Copyright (c) 1996 Lee Skidmore