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The fibersuit was a high tech body suit that had a combination of functions. It was woven from strands of photonware fibers. By absorbing a wide spectrum of the various radiations around it-such as light, microwave, and radio-the fibersuit could power itself, as well as carry on two-way communication with the World.Telco's

The fibersuit's primary function was to provide a positional reference for the public.persona that was mandatory wear.ware in all public places. See also the Electronic Amendments to the old American Constitution that were enforced on the rest of the world's population when the World.Telco took over the governing of the planet from the then bankrupt

Secondary fibersuit functions included complete monitoring of the wearer's physical condition, medical drug delivery, and personal environmental conditioning.

Clothing could be worn over the thin, form-fitting fibersuit, but for many on the Divi.Dole, it was their only real garment. All other garments being virtual reality constructs that were projections. Fibersuits weren't cleaned in the conventional sense. When in the homenet, the wearer put the fibersuit on its refresher dummy. The refresher dummy then recharged any medicines, cleaned, as well as nano-repaired any damaged photonfibers.

See the Third Electronic Amendment or Future.Novel for more about fibersuits, mandatory wear.ware and public.personas.


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