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Safesmoke Vaporstick

picture of 
safesmoke vaporstick

The damage levels of this hi-tech inhaler are well within those acceptable to the insurance companies. Imagine the revenues they produce. When it tells you that its vapor pellet is used up, you just toss the used up safeSmoke vaporStick into any nearby recycle tube. Without delay the used up safeSmoke ends up at a local robotic micro-factory where it's cleaned, and loaded up with a new vapor pellet. Then, after a quick pulse recharge to its polymer battery, the safesmoke is back on it's way through the pneumatic delivery tubes to a storefront or direct 'neu-mo' delivery to a homeNet or local robotic vendNet location.

The pneu-mo delivery system was first introduced in environsParis by the fast food conglomerates in France. Submarine sandwich, fries, and a drink are all naturals for a pneumatic tube delivery system. So, are clothes "actually" modeled by your exact VR copy at the online store. Clothes roll up into tubes very nicely. Paris had the old pneumatic mail system to use as an example of such a system in actual operation. In ultraHighRise structures in super-high density population areas it especially made economic sense by keeping energy intensive movement of people around to a lower level. Made recycling work better as well. Seal the package back up, then toss it down the pneu-mo recycle tube. Most folks alive around Eller's time had never taken out the garbage or recyclable's cans.


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