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Book and Magazine Ordering Information Page

SciFiArchive has been online since 1996. I am very conservative in rating book condition.

If you wish to view a few of the many unsolicited thanks from customers, click-on this sentence.

For a review of the SciFiArchive by an unaffiliated SciFi magazine, click-on this sentence.

Please use the Mail link to transmit a list of the items you would like to buy.

If the Mail link doesn't work with your browser, send E-mail to:

Please Include:




BOOK NAMEs or Magazine name and issue date,--with a description if there is more than one copy offered.

E-Z way to Order:

Click on the above link or any mail link on any page at the to open a pre-addressed mail-to window from which you can place an order. You can easily copy descriptions of the items desired from the web page by highlighting them. Use the Edit menu to copy the highlighted selections. Then, from the Edit menu use paste to insert your selections into the mail-to window that the Mail link opened up.

After the SciFiArchive receives your Mail You will receive an E-mail from your order including the total price with shipping and handling. Occasionally, an item listed may prove to be missing or sold and the page not updated to reflect sale, therefore availability is only assured by an order confirmation.

Personal Check, Cash, Money Orders, Credit Cards accepted via, click on the logo below, thanks. Do Not Pay Until you receive email that books are available with shipping and handling costs added.

Please Note: Outside USA orders it is important to include address in E-mail to receive correct shipping charges. All payments must be in USA dollar amounts.


Lee Skidmore

. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


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