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Lester del Rey

( 1915 - 1993 )

Also known as: Philip St John, Erik van Lhin, John Alvarez, Marion Henry, Philip James, Charles Satterfield and Edson Mccann.

His birth name is: Ramon Felipe San Juan Mario Silvio Enrico Smith Heathcourt-Brace Sierra y Alvarez-del Rey y de los Verdes.

First published in Astounding Science Fiction with the story "The Faithful" in 1938.

Nebula Grand Master award in 1990.

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Police Your Planet

May 1975 Ballantine paperback, good condition

$2.00--has been sold, please check back

Gods and Golems

Febuary 1975 Balllantine paperback, good condition, collection of 5 stories:
Vengence is Mine, Superstition, Life Watch, For I Am A Jealous People!,


The Runaway Robot

ninth printing of the 1965 Scholastic Book Service edition, good condition, juvenile
by Paul W. Fairman writing as Lester del Ray, using del Ray's story outline.

$2.00***Has been sold, please check back later***

The Eleventh Commandment

2nd printing paperback, good


Day of the Giants

March 1964 Airmont printing paperback, very good

$5.00--sold, please check back later

Attack from Atlantis

paperback, good+



Nov. 1970 3rd Printing paperback, good-, cover art by Dean Ellis


another copy: Feb. 1974 5th paperback, very good


Tunnel Through Time

Nov. 1973 4th Printing paperback, good+, Juvenile


Weeping May Tarry

with Raymond F. Jones

May 1978 1st Printing, paperback, good


Book List:

Helen O'Loy-1938

Nerves-1942 in Astounding Science Fiction

. . . And Some Were Human-1948 collection

Marooned on Mars-1952 juvenile

Rocket Jockey-1952 juvenile, writing as Philip St John

Attack from Atlantis-1953 juvenile

Battle on Mercury-1953 a juvenile, writing as Erik van Lhin

Step to the Stars-1954

Rockets to Nowhere-1954 a juvenile, writing as Philip St John

Preferred Risk-1955 with Frederick Pohl, both using the name Edson McCann

Police Your Planet-1956 in Science Fiction Adventures-1953 as Erik van Lhin

Mission to the Moon-1956

Robots and Changelings-1957 collection

The Cave of Spears-1957

Day of the Giants-1959-originally in Fantastic Adventures as "When the World Tottered"-1950

Moon of Mutiny-1961

The Eleventh Commandment-1962

The Sky is Falling-1963-originally in Beyond-1954-as "No more Stars", with Frederick Pohl, both using the name Charles Satterfield

Badge of Infamy-1963-originally in Satellite-1959

Outpost of Jupiter-1963 a juvenile

Mortals and Monsters-1965 collection


Gods and Golems-1973 collection

The Early del Rey-1975 collection

The Best of Lester del Rey-1978 collection

The Best of Hal Clement-1979 as editor

Written by Paul W. Fairman as Lester del Rey (from del Rey's story outlines)

The Runaway Robot-1965

Rocket from Infinity-1966

The Infinite Worlds of Maybe-1966

The Scheme of Things-1966

Tunnel through Time-1966

Siege Perilous-1966-also as: "The Man without a Planet"-1969

Prisoners of Space-1968

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