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Hi, from Lee Skidmore, the creator of the

I believe that traditional 'hard' science fiction exsists as a still to be discovered keystone of extrapolation. A fuzzy peek into the future. But, an important peek, that allows us to anticipate some of the changes that are in store for us. Science Fiction is probably why we didn't have World War Three.

If you aren't reading Science Fiction, you are lost in time and space.

Be warned: what follows is about the author, you may want to Lev.DN

I live in NC, USA. ripping through deep space in my Mark Nine Speeder. Wrapped up against the cold, it even feels like I'm in a space suit. Which, in a way, I guess I am. If you enjoy snow skiing check out the 'Stuff you can't get anywhere else on Earth' page.

I love books, just about any 'good' book, but mostly science fiction.

Oh, yeah, I'm married to Anne. Got a black dog with one tiny white spot that gets to play in a really cool backyard, even though it's way too small as Katie the HoudiniDog tells me.

Well, please wander around the site, read some crazy notions, or buy a book.

Later, Lee



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