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Joe Haldeman

(1943 - )

"Out of Phase" was his first story published, Galaxy-1969

Short story: Tricentennial-1976 Hugo Award

Short story: Graves-1993 Nebula Award

Vietnam, 1968-9, Purple Heart

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The Forever War

paperback, very good condition


There Is No Darkness

with Jack C. Haldeman II, paperback, good condition


The Forever War: Book 2 (graphic novel)

Dark Horse Comics, Cheval Noir Graphic Magazine with The Forever War: Book 2, Chapter 1,
plus other stories unrelated, as new condition


All My Sins Remembered

6th paperback, very good


another copy: 1977 First Edition St Martin's Press Hardcover, Ex-Libris, fair, no dust jacket



April 1982 1st Printing Paperback, good+



Feb. 1978 1st Paperback, good


another copy: paperback, fair


Other Books:

The Forever War-1974 Nebula Award, Hugo Award, Ditmar Award

You Can Never Go Back-1975

Attar's Revenge-1975 as Robert Graham

War of Nerves-1975 as Robert Graham


All My Sins Remembered-1977

Planet of Judgment-1977

Dealing in Futures-1985 collection

Dealing in Futures-1985 collection

World without End-1979

Infinite Dreams-1979 collection


There is No Darkness-1983 with Jack C. Haldeman II

Worlds Apart-1983

Dealing in Futures-1985 collection

Tool of the Trade-1987

Buying Time-1989(The Long Habit of Living-1989)

The Hemingway Hoax-1990(novella version: Nebula Award)

The Forever War: Book 1-1991 graphic novel with Marvano

The Forever War: Book 2-1991 graphic novel with Marvano

Worlds Enough and Time-1992

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