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Mack Reynolds

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Satellite City

1975 1st paperback, good condition


another copy: 1975 1st paperback, good+ condition


The Lagrangists

Dec. 1983 TOR paperback, good condition


The Best Ye Breed

March 1978 First paperback, good condition


Amazon Planet

1975 First paperback, good+ condition


another copy: 1975 paperback, good


Brain World

1978 paperback, good condition


Deathwish World

with Dean Ing, Feb. 1986 First Edition, paperback, near fine condition


Trojan Orbit

with Dean Ing, March 1985 First Edition, paperback, good condition


The Rival Rigelians and Planetary Agent X

1967 first paperback, fair- condition


Police Patrol: 2000 A.D.

March 1977 1st paperback, fair, cover marked


Space Visitor

1977 ACE #77782-X, First paperback, good condition


another copy: ACE 77783-1, near fine


another copy: ACE 77782-1, near fine


Ability Quotient

March 1975 1st paperback, very good-


another copy: March 1975 1st paperback, good



June 1976 1st paperback, very good


another copy: June 1976, good


Towers of Utopia

July 1975 1st paperback, good


Day After Tomorrow

1976 1st paperback(originally in Analog titled: "Status Quo"), good-


Earth Unaware

May 1968 2nd paperback, good


The Cosmic Eye

1975 2nd paperback, good


Trample an Empire Down

1978 Printing paperback, very good-


Depression or Bust and Dawnman Planet

Parts were published previously titled "Depression. . .or Bust, "Expediter", and "Fad" in Analog magazine and titled "The Expert" in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

1974 First Printing, paperback, very good to fine


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