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(born: Circa 1750 - died: Next Big-Bang)

Huge selection of Anime tapes available not listed below, as too many to list, so please send want list

Parents Please Note: Science Fiction and Fantasy found here is generally of an adult level. Anime may have profanity, nudity and violence. Please be sure to check Age Guidelines on the actual video tape and preview the tapes if this is a concern to you. Generally recommended age 13 and up.

VHS Tapes For Sale

Anime VHS Tapes

The Rocketeer

VHS Tape, new, box seal unbroken


Independence Day

Used rental tape, very good condition with original box cover


The Man of Bronze, Doc Savage

used rental tape, plays great, with original book like plastic cover


The Gate to the Mind's Eye

New VHS tape, never played, computer generated video, 50 minutes


Sybil Danning's Adventure Video, Space 1999: Alien Attack

From the TV series, with Martin Landau, and Barbara Bain

rare, used video, plays fine, original box in fair condition


Charlie Chan: Meeting at Midnight

used tape, plays great, very good condition, with original box cover


Angel Cop, part 6: Doomsday

English Dubbed VHS tape, 30 minutes, used original Manga tape with original cover, plays great, cover in very good condition


Super Dimensional Fortress, Macross II: episodes 1 and 2

English Dubbed VHS tape, 55 minutes, original tape in great shape with original cover in good condition


Knights of Ramune

English Dubbed, played only once New VHS tape, 60 minutes, very good to fine condition cover, a good fun video


Dirty Pair, Number 1: Affair On Nolandia

English Dubbed, 57 minutes, original VHS tape and cover, near very good condition


Dirty Pair: Flash, Acts 1, 2, and 3

Set of 3 VHS Tapes, 60 minutes each for 180 minute total, original tapes in original covers, near very good or better


Maris the Chojo

original Manga VHS tape in original cover, 50 minutes, very good condition, Japanese dialogue with English subtitles, a fun video, cute, but tough main characters


Sorcerer Hunters, Volume 1: Of Inhuman Bondage-3 episodes:#'s 1, 2, 3

Original VHS tape in original cover, near new, 90 minutes, great animation, engaging characters, English Dubbed


Voogie's Angel

Original VHS tape in original cover, very good condition, 90 minutes, great animation, English Dubbed


Knight Saber 2034, Bubblegum Crash 3: Meltdown

The classic series, early original VHS Tape in original plastic book type box, 45 minutes, good condition


Tenchi Muyo: The Last Battle

Episodes 23, 24, 25, 26 of the Tenchi Universe Collection

New VHS, in original box, 85 minutes


Neon Genesis, Evangelion: Genesis 0:3

Used VHS, very good condition, beautiful box cover art of Rei

In the original Japanese, English subtitles


Neon Genesis, Evangelion: Genesis 0:4

Used VHS, very good condition, beautiful box cover art of Asuka

In the original Japanese, English subtitles


VHS Tapes For Sale

(Anime VHS Tapes)

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