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Leigh Brackett

( 1915-1978 )

She received a posthumous Hugo in 1981 for the script to "The Empire Strikes Back".

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other books by this author

The Starmen of Llyrdis

January 1976 first printing paperback, cover marked with red marker, otherwise fair to good condition.


The Big Jump

1955 Ace G-683 Printing paperback, good


The Long Tomorrow

Dec. 1974 Printing paperback, good++


another copy: Dec. 1974 1st Printing paperback, good-


another copy: May 1975 2nd paperback, good-


The Ginger Star, vol. 1 of The Book of Skaith

Dec. 1979 3rd Printing paperback, very good-


The Hounds of Skaith, vol. 2 of The Book of Skaith

Oct. 1974 1st Edition, paperback, good+


The Reavers of Skaith, vol. 3 of The Book of Skaith

August 1976 1st Edition, paperback, very good


The Coming of the Terrans

1967 1st Printing, paperback as collection of related stories, good++, Stories: "Mars Minus Bisha, The Beast-Jewel of Mars" 1948 in Planet Stories Magazine, "The Last Days of Shandakor" 1963 in Amazing Stories, "Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon" 1964 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


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