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Gordon R. Dickson

(1923 - )

"Call Him Lord"-1966-Nebula Award for Best Novelette.

"Soldier, Ask Not"-1964-Hugo Award

"Lost Dorsai" and the short story "The Cloak and the Staff" Hugo Award-1981

First science fiction story published was a collaboration with Pohl Anderson called "Trespass" in Fantastic Story Quarterly.

President of the Science Fiction Writers of America from 1969 to 1971.

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The Dragon and the George

1976 Book Club Edition, with Boris illustrated dust cover, good condition


Three to Dorsai!

Book Club Edition compilation of three Childe Cycle novels: Necromancer, Tactics of Mistake, Dorsai!, chipped dust cover


No Room For Man

(original title: Necromancer)

Manor Book paperback, fair to good condition



ACE paperback, fair to good condition


The Final Encyclopedia

October 1985 Ace Science Fiction Books Edition, hardcover, no dust cover, very good to fine condition


another copy: June 1986 2nd printing paperback, good+, 685 pages


Arcturus Landing

Ace paperback, good condition


The R-Master

February 1975 DAW #137 First paperback, good to very good condition


The Star Road

August 1974 DAW #116 First paperback, good to very good condition


None But Man

November 1974 DAW #266 First DAW printing paperback, good to very good condition


Ancient, My Enemy

DAW #UE1552 paperback, good to very good condition


Hour of the Horde

DAW #UE1689 paperback, good condition


The Alien Way

Bantam paperback, good condition



July 1986 Baen Books First printing paperback, very good condition


The Chantry Guild

Ace paperback, very good condition


Masters of Everon

October 1980 Ace First Mass Market paperback, very good condition


The Last Master

February 1984 Tor First printing paperback, good condition


Soldier, Ask Not

July 1967 Dell First printing paperback, good condition


July 1967 Dell First printing paperback, good+ condition


Lost Dorsai

Ace paperback, good condition, with novelet "Warriors", afterword by
Sandra Miesel, many illustrations by Fernando


Gordon R. Dickson's SF Best

Feburary 1978 Dell First printing paperback, very good condition


Steel Brother

Tor paperback, very good condition


The Space Swimmers

ACE paperback, good condition, illustrated by Steve Fabian



Berkley paperback, fair to good condition


On The Run

ACE paperback, good condition


The Spirit of the Dorsai

1983 British 1st Printing paperback, good-


Tactics of Mistake

paperback, fair


Alien Art

April 1978 1st Printing as ACE paperback, good



paperback, 1985 printing, fair


The Forever Man

Feb. 1988 1st Paperback, very good


The Outposter

June 1982 1st Printing, paperback, very good


Other Books:

Time to Teleport-1955

Delusion World-1955

Mankind on the Run-1956(On The Run-1979)

Alien from Arcturus-1956(Arcturus Landing-1979)

The Genetic General-1959(Dorsai!-1976)

Secret Under the Sea-1960

Spacial Delivery-1961

Naked to the Stars-1961

Necromancer-1962(No Room for Man-1963)

Home from the Shore-1963

Secret Under Antarctica-1963

Secret Under the Caribbean-1964

Soldier, Ask Not-1964-Hugo Award

Mission to Universe-1965

Space Winners-1965 juvenile

The Alien Way-1965

Planet Run-1967(expanded as a collection with 2 stories added-1982) with Keith Laumer

The Space Swimmers-1967



None But Man-1969

Hour of the Horde-1970

Mutants: A Science Fiction Adventure-1970 collection

Danger-Human -1970 collection(The Book of Gordon R. Dickson-1973)

Sleepwalker's World-1971

The Tactics of Mistake-1971

The Pritcher Mass-1972

The Outposter-1972

The Day the Sun Stood Still-1972 anthology with Poul Anderson and Robert Silverberg

The R-Master-1973(The Last Master-1983)

The Star Road-1973 collection

Alien Art-1973 juvenile(as Alien Art with "Arcturus Landing" added-1978)

Ancient, My Enemy-1974 collection

Gremlins, Go Home!-1974 juvenile with Ben Bova

Three to Dorsai!-1975 collection 3 novels

The Lifeship-1976(Lifeboat-1978) with Harry Harrison

The Dragon and the George-1976(original title: "St Dragon and the George"-1957


Gordon R. Dickson's SF Best-1978(In the Bone-1987)

The Far Call-1978


The Spirit of Dorsai-1979 collection

Masters of Everon-1979

Lost Dorsai-1980 collection-Hugo Award for "Lost Dorsai"

Way of the Pilgrim-1980

In Iron Years-1980 collection

Love Not Human-1981 collection

The Man from Earth-1983 collection

Dickson!-1984 collection(Steel Brother-1985)

The Last Master-1984

Forward!-1985 collection

Survival!-1984 collection

Jamie the Red-1984 with Roland Green

The Final Encyclopedia-1984

Beyond the Dar al-Harb-1985 collection

Invaders!-1985 collection

The Last Dream-1986 collection

Mindspan-1986 collection

The Forever Man-1986

Stranger-1986 collection

The Man the Worlds Rejected-1986 collection

Beginnings-1988 collection

Guided Tour-1988 collection

The Chantry Guild-1988

Ends-1988 collection

The Earth Lords-1989

The Dragon Knight-1990

Young Bleys-1991

The Dragon on the Border-1992

The Dragon at War-1993

The Dragon, the Earl and the Troll-1994


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