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Ben Bova

( 1932- )

Technical editor for The Vanguard Project 1956-8. Replaced John W. Campbell ( "Who Goes There?" ) as editor of Analog ( was Astounding Science-Fiction ). Awarded Best Editor Hugo from 1973 to 1977.

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July 1992 full-sized hardcover, only very good condition as the dust cover has a few light scratches and dents.

$25.00--sold, please check back


July 1992 Book Club Hardcover, excellent condition.


July 1992 Book Club Hardcover, very good condition.



December 1988 paperback, good condition.


Star Peace: Assured Survival

large paperback science fact book about the "Star Wars" defense plan.



April 1971 first printing, paperback, good condition, small crease in cover at right hand top corner, based on the script by G. Lucas and W. Murch.


Star Watchman

November 1978, 1st ACE printing of the 1964 copyright, paperback, good condition.


Battle Station

October 1987 1st TOR printing paperback, good condition.


Orion and the Conqueror

Feb. 1994 1st Edition Hardcover, New, very good to fine condition.


As on a Darkling Plain

Parts previously published in different form: "The Jupiter Mission" Feb. 1970 in Worlds of If, "The Sirius Mission" Jan. 1969 in Galaxy

August 1974 1st Printing, paperback, good++


Orion Among the Stars

August 1995 1st Edition Hardcover, new condition


Exiled From Earth

paperback, good+


The Exiles Trilogy

Compiles three stories: "Exiled from Earth", "Flight of Exiles", "End of Exile"

Jan. 1981 3rd Printing as collection, good+


another copy: paperback, good


City of Darkness

Nov. 1982 Printing paperback, good



June 1986 1st paperback, good


another copy: June 1986 1st paperback, good



A Novel about people and politics in the year 1999

1976 Book Club Hardcover, good


another copy: April 1977 1st paperback, good-



1979 Book Club Hardcover, good


Other Books:

The Star Conquerors-1959-juvenile, author's first published sci-fi.

Star Watchman-1964

The Weathermakers-1967

Out of the Sun-1968

The Dueling Machine-1969


Exiled from Earth-1971

Flight of Exiles-1972

THX 1138-1971

As On A Darkling Plain-1972

Forward in Time-1973-collection

The Winds of Altair-1973

When the Sky Burned-1973

Gremlins Go Home, with Gordon R. Dickson-1974

The Starcrossed-1975

End of Exile-1975

The Multiple Man-1976


City of Darkness-1976




Maxwell's Demons-1979-collection

The Exiles Trilogy-1980


Voyagers II: The Alien Within-1982

Escape Plus-1984-collection



The Astral Mirror-1985-collection


The Kinsman Saga-1987

Battle Station-1987-collection


Vengance of Orion-1988


Voyagers III: Star Brothers-1990

Orion in the Dying Time-1990

Future Crime-1990-collection


To Save the Sun, with A. J. Austin-1992

The Trykon Deception, with Bill Pogue-1992


Empire Builders-1993


Orion and the Conqueror-1994

To Fear The Light, with A. J. Austin-1994

Death Dream-1994

Orion Among the Stars-1995

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