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Message from Space Received!

Long awaited Alien Benefactors have arrived--in a manner of speaking.

The giant ear that was the Light+ Wave Receiver had only been turned on for only a moment when the first communication from an alien civilization was picked up. Over and over came the greeting. And, the plans. The plans for a Light+ Wave Transmitter. Not that we really needed the plans for the transmitter. What we really needed was a power supply. Luckily, the power gulping Light+ Receiver had paid off ultra-quick. Like a stock broker speculating on a Ten-Second out-of-the-money option riding on a new genetic-mode software initialization from GenProgCorp. The plans that the Eriadians were freely sending as if it were simply another TwenCen web browser included a practical power supply. Something as small as a hundred miles in diameter would have enough mass. To heck with the transmitter, right? There are better things to do with all the power. What? Forget the transmitter? A lot of people thought that that would be the best course of action.

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