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Tech.Picts page 15

Mega Corp Clans

Mostly rapidly growing AsiaCorps majoring in bubbleTech and airGels that had moved all operations to near Earth orbits to obtain some distance from the extreme burden of all of the Earth's multitudenous legislations and regulations that made new technology use or hazardous materials or process technology operations nearly impossible on earth. As large scale implementation of three-dimensional airGels was also nearly impossible under old momE's heavy weight of gravity there was a completely legitimate scientific and business reason for moving off planet. The world.Gov had strictly limited all DNA export, especially as it watched in horror as its biggest brains fled out into the freedom of wide-open spaces. So, space-based corporations became for a while, dynastic in nature, as long as the ruling families remained competent. To maintain positions of power on the planet megaCorp families supported cousins left behind in the womb of 'old momE' as Earth was known to the Spacers. Many of these cousins came to rule Earth-bound import-and-export megaCorps nearly the equals of their much loftier benefactors.

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